Sunmi Personally Responds To “Boob Job” Rumors Sparked By Recent Photo

The photo was taken by her little brother.

Sunmi recently appeared in the Look Me Up corner on the 1theK Originals channel where she personally spoke up about the boob job controversy that sparked after a recent photo as posted online.

In the video, Sunmi didn’t hesitate to reveal the photo in question and explained what it was really about.

This photo was taken by my brother. My brother’s a photography major.

– Sunmi

And the photo is absolutely gorgeous. Sunmi sported a black blazer that showed off her stunning figure, and it matched perfectly with her long black hair and gold accessories.

The only problem was that netizens stirred up a controversy surrounding her breasts.

As soon as I posted this photo, fans from abroad were like, ‘You had your boobs done! Explain yourself!’

– Sunmi

And that she did.

I didn’t get my boobs job. They’re not even that big.

– Sunmi

In response to Sunmi’s chill yet impactful response, other fans are showing support through comments such as “Please don’t cross the line“, “Ignore the comments and stay active for a long time, Unnie“, “That must’ve felt insulting,” and “That’s probably just because she put on more weight“.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch