Sunmi Hilariously Spills On Which Hollywood Celebrity Icon Is Her Ideal Type

She knows what she likes!

Sunmi recently revealed who her ideal type is, claiming that it is one of Hollywood’s biggest icons.

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

Sunmi is currently promoting her new digital single “Heart Burn” with some hilarious interviews, such as one with rapper Lee Yong Ji in which they both revealed the close calls they had with wardrobe malfunctions.

Sunmi also made a recent guest appearance on YouTuber Jonathan Thona‘s channel, where they had a chaotic interview that touched on everything from Sunmi’s introverted habits to her ideal type. Jonathan and his sister Patricia acted the part of rookie reporters. The topic of Sunmi’s ideal type came up when Sunmi claimed it was Jonathan, causing Patricia to hilariously tease him about it.

| 조나단/YouTube 

Jonathan took a second to scold Patricia, but then formally posed the question to Sunmi, asking her what her ideal type really is.

Sunmi explained that her ideal type is someone who has thick lips. She couldn’t help laughing when Jonathan hilariously puckered his lips after hearing her words, with Patricia once again teasing him by telling him to stop doing that.

But then Sunmi revealed her real ideal type, and it’s nothing less than Hollywood icon Matt Damon.

Matt Damon | Bill Ingalls/NASA

There were some hilarious misunderstandings when Sunmi misheard Good Will Hunting as ‘Gumi hunting’ when Jonathan mentioned it. Good Will Hunting is one of, if not the most famous of Matt Damon’s movies.

But then they got back into the juicy stuff as Patricia asked Sunmi about her secret to getting her ideal type’s attention. Sunmi explained that the key is to look steadily into his eyes while talking…

…and she gave a great demonstration. Patricia did her best to follow her example, causing Sunmi to immediately gush about how cute she was.

Yet, while Sunmi did not gush much about Matt Damon himself (unlike Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona recently did about actor Timothée Chalamet), the interview with Jonathan and Patricia proved to be plenty of chaos and fun. Still, now that Sunmi is set to be the new MC of Showterview, she may one day get the chance to interview Matt Damon and gush about him in person if he decides to promote on the show like actress Emma Stone did!

Watch Sunmi’s full interview about her ideal type with Jonathan and Patricia on the link below.

Source: YouTube