TEEN TOP’s Chunji To Quietly Enlist In The Military

Time sure does fly.

TEEN TOP recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary, having debuted in 2010 as the youngest male idols back then. It seems that a full comeback would have to wait, with their first member enlisting.

| TOP Media Entertainment

On the 5th of August, it was announced via the TOP Media Entertainment homepage that Chunji would be enlisting quietly on the 10th of August. As it was a mere 5 days away, fans were caught off-guard by the sudden news.

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TEEN TOP is also slated to have a live stream concert, TEEN TOP 10 LIVE on the 8th of August – this will be Chunji’s last public appearance before he enlists. He will be quietly enlisting at an undisclosed location in order to take the best preventive measures for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

| TOP Media Entertainment

TEEN TOP had recently been rising in popularity and recognition once more, due to their commemorative album, To You 2020, which was a reminder that the 2.5 generation of idols, had not get gone under. While fans will miss the lead vocal, fans have also expressed how fascinating it was that even that generation’s youngest singers were already enlisting.

Source: Hankook Ilbo

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