TXT’s Voices Revealed For The First Time In A New “Voice Teaser” Series

The latest teaser reveals another member’s voice.

After two months of waiting, fans of the upcoming boy group Tomorrow x Together (TXT) have finally heard the members’ voices!


Ever since the first member, Yeonjun, was revealed back in January, TXT has been giving their fans a taste of the members’ individual personalities and visuals. Up until recently, however, TXT’s voices have been a complete mystery. In fact, some fans began to joke that the silent members could only communicate in Morse code!


On February 17, Mnet released the first in a series of “voice teasers” that revolve around the message “Who am I?”. In the first teaser, all the members talk at once to keep listeners from easily identifying whom each voice belongs to.


The second, third, and the latest teaser (uploaded on February 20), each feature a member’s voice more clearly, along with new details about that member’s personality and preferences.


Fans have been having fun figuring out which voice belongs to which member while they await TXT’s March 4 debut.

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