UNI.T’s Yoonjo Speaks Up On Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo

Yoonjo claims the UNI.T members are discussing the issue.

APRIL was recently accused of bullying their former member, Lee Hyunjoo. Following multiple statements by DSP Media that explained past issues between the two, former A-JAX boyband member, Yoonyoung, also stepped up to defend APRIL.

As the story continues to develop, a fellow member of UNI.T spoke up about the bullying controversy. After leaving APRIL, Hyunjoo later participated in a reality reboot survival and eventually debuted in the project girl group. UNI.T promoted for 5 months in 2018 before their scheduled disbandment.

The fellow UNI.T member, Yoonjo (also a former member of Hello Venus) spoke up about Hyunjoo during an Instagram Q&A.

A fan asked her to provide Hyunjoo with warm words and encouragement. Yoonjo quickly answered that the UNI.T members were already discussing the issue.

| @_yoonjo/Instagram

Hmm.. So many people have been asking me about it, and I didn’t want there to be any misunderstanding if I didn’t respond… So I decided to answer after thinking about it long and hard.

We’ve been talking in our UNI.T group chat even today.  I’m sure it’ll be very hard but I believe she will fight through it well. So please stop harassing her. Apart from the people present at the time, no one else will understand the pain so please don’t pretend like you know things. To those who are bothering her with the unnecessary interest, please stop.

— Yoonjo

Hyunjoo originally debuted with APRIL back in 2015 but withdrew from the group in 2016 after taking a long hiatus due to her mental health. The company claimed at the time that she was leaving the group to focus on acting. A recent controversy arose when a netizen alleging to be her younger brother revealed that she was severely bullied by the other members. DSP Media has since denied the claims.

Lee Hyunjoo vs. APRIL's Bullying Allegations

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