BTS Reveals What Each Member Is Doing In His Spare Time Right Now

In a new interview with Vogue Japan, BTS shared their summer hobbies.

BTS usually spends their summers touring the world and performing for fans, but 2020’s summer is more or less a “stay-cation”, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new interview with Vogue Japan, the members were asked about where they see themselves in five years, their music journey, and more.

The interview includes a profile section to help readers get to know BTS’s superstars on a personal level, and it includes their hobbies. When it comes to how they spend their free time, BTS’s members aren’t much different than your average 20-somethings.

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“When I have free time, I lounge on the couch watching TV,” Jimin said. “and I spend my time practicing songs and exercising.” 

J-Hope said, “When I have some free time, I listen to music, eat, sleep, etc. (laughs)…I’m mainly at home.” 

“These days I spend time exercising, reading books, and watching video content,” RM replied. “Of course, I also write songs.” 

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“I play on Weverse,” said, referring to the app BTS uses to chat with (and tease) their fans. “I also listen to music, watch movies, and write songs.”

As for Jin, his love for video games is still going strong in 2020. “I play games and sleep (when I have free time),” he replied. 

In addition to working on music and chilling, the members are also keeping their minds sharp by furthering their education. “I’ve been trying a lot of things lately,” Suga said. “I’m also studying hard in different fields.” 

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“Recently, I’m learning again what I couldn’t normally do,” Jungkook replied. He might be referring to the online English classes he’s taking this summer to improve his fluency.  

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Source: Vogue Japan