BTS’s V Forgot It’s April Fool’s Day, But ARMY’s Here To Remind Him

ARMY isn’t about to let this special day slide by.

If there’s one day BTS‘s meme-loving fans look forward to each year, it’s April Fool’s Day!

Every year, BTS has unleashed their inner pranksters on social media to make ARMY smile. This includes flooding Twitter with alpaca photos, transforming into Bulletproof Girl Scouts, impersonated Bang Si Hyuk, and much more!

So far, 2020 is the first year in six years that BTS has stayed quiet on international prank day. Could it be because they’re all too busy filming secret somethings behind the scenes? Maybe. Or, maybe April Fool’s Day just slipped their minds!

On April 1, a fan reached out to V on Weverse. “Taehyung oppa, today is April Fool’s Day, but I’m not creative, so I don’t have anything to joke about. I always love you oppa like I always have.”

In reply, V confessed that he didn’t even know it was April Fool’s Day. “You’re like us,” he wrote. “I live without even knowing it’s April Fool’s Day. I love you and miss you too.”

That’s okay! ARMY is here to remind V what day it is with their shenanigans. In addition to re-debuting 2013 BTS in 2020

…fans are bringing back memories of V from past April Fool’s Days.

Various fansites have also posted photos of V instead of their usual biases as an April Fool’s Day joke.

On the list of V-fansite-for-a-day is this NU’EST fansite…

…this LOONA fansite…

…this NCT fansite…

…and many, many more!

Meanwhile, two of V’s usual fansites, on the other hand, have temporarily changed their bias to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa

…and Taylor Swift!

So, if V needs a reminder about April Fool’s Day, all he has to do is go online! For more, check out BTS’s past April Fool’s Day pranks.

6 Years Of BTS’s April Fool’s Day Pranks From 2014 To 2019


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