Actor Kim Seon Ho's Scandal

E-Commerce Site 11Street Seeks “Kind Understanding” From Customers For Using Kim Seon Ho As A Model
They are facing backlash.
A Company Reveals The Reason Why They Decided To Resume Actor Kim Seon Ho’s Advertisements
They have come to the agreement to resume advertisements for now.
Deleted Advertisements Of Kim Seon Ho Are Making A Return To The Public
His ads are back!
Dispatch Reveals The Full Dating History Between Kim Seon Ho And Choi Young Ah, The Ex-Girlfriend Who Made The Forced Abortion Accusations
Dispatch’s story is completely different from hers.
Brand Representatives Explain Why Actor Kim Seon Ho Got Removed From Advertisements So Quickly, Even Before He Admitted To Being “Actor K”
“We don’t understand why he decided to ghost us, too…”
Fans Concerned As Kim Seon Ho Is Blurred Out Of “Start-Up” Clips On tvN
“Don’t they only mosaic out criminals?”
SALT Entertainment Denies Accusations On Kim Seon Ho’s Personality From Someone That Claims To Be His University Schoolmate
The claims were denied.
SALT Entertainment Releases Updated Statement About Kim Seon Ho’s Exclusive Contract
They shared an update on his contract.
Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Will Be Legally Dealing With Doxxers And Threats
Her safety was threatened.
Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Says There Were “Misunderstandings” Between Them And That She Has Received An Apology From Him
Kim Seon Ho has apologized to her.