Entertainment Industry Experts Share Their Insight Into Former AOA Members Mina And Jimin’s Dispute

“This kind of thing happens more often than people think.”

In the most recent episode of SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight, some more light was shed on the online dispute that took place between former AOA members, Mina and Jimin after Mina claimed she was bullied by Jimin to the point of considering harming herself.

Following Mina’s numerous claims about Jimin and her behavior, Jimin later admitted to her faults and even withdrew from AOA altogether.

But according to a related person in a different entertainment agency, this kind of incident is common.

This kind of thing happens more often than people think, and I had a feeling it would blow up sooner or later.

– Anonymous Source

They also added,

The person managing them doesn’t even know what’s going on between them. Since debut is the objective of agencies, it’s common for them to just drag the members along instead of trying to resolve conflict.

– Anonymous Source

Furthermore, a psychology professor who treats idols weighed in on the issue as well.

The members of current idol groups are youth who lack the ability to make the right judgments in society. In such circumstances, if you don’t provide them with enough education or accept their differences, the idols will fight or get into situations like this.

– Psychology Professor

He expressed,

Rather than advanced and mature behavior, this causes their behavior to go the other way.

– Psychology Professor

As such the expert described what he believes needs to be done in order to prevent such things from happening in the future.

There needs to be a program that allows singers to communicate and sympathize with one another. There must be “sunbaes” and “hoobaes” in agencies, so if there is a type of mentorship where they can talk comfortably, perhaps there will be less of such instances.

– Psychology Professor


Source: Dispatch

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