ARMYs Figure Out BTS V’s Favorite Gongcha Drink Recipe From His Vacation Vlog

This Gongcha menu is about to get sold out.

ARMYs absolutely adored BTS V‘s vacation vlog, as it revealed some small-but-significant things about him that fans would have not known otherwise.

The vlog took fans inside V’s off-the-stage, average-young-man life as he spent time with his brother, hung out with his friends, and even snuggled with his dog.


And as ARMYs continue to watch and re-watch V’s vlog, they have come to notice something else: V’s favorite drink recipe from the popular tea brand Gongcha! From this brief look at the cup left atop his night table beside his bed…


… a Gongcha-expert ARMY has come to the conclusion that he most likely ordered Gongcha’s grapefruit green tea ade, with some sort of jellies added!

I work part time at Gongcha and I’ve always wondered if BTS like Gongcha — and if they do, what they like to drink. This may not be the exact recipe, but I’m sure V ordered the grapefruit green tea ade. Looking at the thickness of the straw, he probably added some toppings. It’s not the tapioca bubbles… He added something that is white. Probably aloe, because that goes best with grapefruit green tea ade. I wonder how sweet he got the drink made.



As more ARMYs show interest in this fruity drink from Gongcha, they playfully pointed out that it might be the next thing that V sells out — being that V is actually the king of unintentionally spiking sales with everything he touches.

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For ARMYs who do want to give V’s go-to drink a try, Gongcha enthusiasts recommend getting the grapefruit green tea ade at 50% sweetness, full ice, and adding aloe bits for additional noms!


Watch the full vlog here:

Source: THEQOO