BB GIRLS Minyoung’s Reaction To Hearing Their Former Name “Brave Girls” Gains Attention From Fans

“… Just like me…”

Brave Girls captured the public’s attention when their song “Rollin'” went viral.

BB GIRLS (formerly Brave Girls) | @BraveGirls/Twitter

Because of netizens’ sudden, tremendous support for the group, Brave Girls were able to continue their promotions, having multiple comebacks, their first fan meeting since their debut, and appearing on Mnet‘s Queendom 2.

However, despite their incredible success, fans felt anxious about the group’s future, especially with their latest comeback titled “Goodbye.”

Fortunately for fans, it was soon revealed that the four members signed an exclusive management contract with Warner Music Korea after leaving Brave Entertainment and would continue as an active group.

Brave Girls are scheduled to perform at the “29th Dream Concert” | @META_LAVATA/Twitter

However, because of copyright issues, they were unable to keep the name Brave Girls and have instead continued their activities under the name BB GIRLS, which the members reportedly put a lot of thought into.

Fans were beyond excited to see BB GIRLS continue their promotions.

But when Eunji accidentally referred to the group as Brave Girls during their first performance under Warner Music Korea, fans couldn’t get enough of Minyoung‘s hilarious reaction.

| @BBGirlsFiles/Twitter

Of course, it was an understandable mistake, and fans related to the confusion since it will take time for everyone to get used to their new name.

But even as everyone adjusts to their new name, fans couldn’t be happier about BB GIRLS’ bright future.

Brave Girls

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