BTS’s Jimin Exposes Jungkook’s Reaction To Marvel Studios’ “Endgame” And It’s All Too Relatable

Who didn’t share Jungkook’s reaction?

ARMY were suspicious for a long time that BTS would announce some collaboration with Disney. Suspicions started when Disney was willing to release all copyrights for BTS to train in voice acting.

Then BTS made an appearance at The 2022 Oscars (also known as The 2022 Academy Awards) to talk about their favorite Disney musical moments. BTS’s V and Jimin‘s duet “Friends” was also prominently featured in the Marvel Studios‘ film Eternals.

Thus no one was surprised when Disney announced that they would work with BTS on several projects, including V’s “Wooga Squad” version of In the SOOP and BTS’s BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — LA concert film.

Recently, BTS sat down for an interview with Disney, exploring Disney+ and sharing some of their personal recommendations for shows and movies. Suga shared that he “[thinks] all the Disney movies are really good at making songs.

Suga | Disney Plus Korea/YouTube

Many of the members focused on the Marvel Studios section of Disney+, with RM praising the television show WandaVision.

RM: WandaVision is really good.

Suga: Really? I should watch.

RM: It’s like having old, classic American series concept, and it is a real piece of art.

RM, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook | Disney Plus Korea/YouTube 

Jungkook confidently shared that he enjoyed Endgame the most of Marvel Studios’ films.

Jungkook: I will say Endgame though.

Jin: Oh, Endgame, the best.

BTS | Disney Plus Korea/YouTube 

But Jimin didn’t hesitate to expose Jungkook’s relatable reaction to watching the heartbreaking film.

Jimin: Jungkook cried his eyes out, right next to me.

Jungkook: That’s right, I cried a lot.

Given Jungkook’s love for romantic and emotional scenes in movies, it’s no surprise that he, like almost everyone who watched Endgame, was moved to tears by the devastating scenes in the film.

You can read about all of BTS’s recommendations here.

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Source: Disney Plus Korea