BTS Got Ultra Competitive During A Game, But Jungkook Just Sat Confused

Suga also said something heartwarming to Jungkook!

In episode 141 of Run BTS!, BTS played a game where they would hear a snippet from a K-Drama OST, and they had to say both the name of the K-Drama and OST. When the members heard the words “We all lie,” almost all of them loudly raised their hands!


Every member except for Jungkook! While his hyungs were arguing over who was the first to raise their hand, Jungkook just sat confused.


PD Na Young Suk didn’t know who raised their hand first.


Jungkook spoke about how he had no idea what the song was, and Suga heartwarmingly told him it was okay!


Na Young Suk decided to give V the first chance to answer, and he said that the song was “We All Lie” from the tvN K-Drama Goblin. However, V was wrong!


RM was the next member to go, and he said that the song was “We All Lie” from the JTBC K-Drama SKY Castle, which is a show that many of the members watched! RM was correct!

BTS sure are competitive!  

Source: Run BTS!


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