RM’s Alter Ego, “Dance Monster”, Made A Chaotic Comeback

“Dance Monster” busted a move during the latest episode of Run BTS!

“Y’all know my name is Rap Monster, not Dance Monster. You know, it’s R-A-P Monster, not D-A-N-C-E Monster.” 


RM spoke these famous words in a predebut log. At the time, he wasn’t crazy about dance, and he struggled to learn it. Little did he know that “Dance Monster” would be with him for life!


One of “Dance Monster’s” best performances is this floppy-sleeved dance from Weekly Idol. Nothing may ever top it, but his latest comeback comes pretty close!


In Episode 86 of Run BTS!, BTS played a whiteboard word game where they answered questions using pure Korean phrases. As usual, things got crazy very quickly. In addition to Jin‘s ballistic fit, Suga‘s non-stop sass attacks, and Jungkook and V‘s genius game plans, RM got his groove on.


RM was so excited about his correct answer…


…that he jumped out of his chair…


…and busted these moves to “Ddaeng”.


It looks like “Dance Monster” is here to stay!