G-Dragon Criticized For Incorrect Military Salute By Korean Media

It has something to do with the angle of his salute.

G-Dragon was recently discharged from the military. Thousands of fans were happy to see him for the first time after two years, and fellow BIGBANG member T.O.P. even sent him a congratulatory text. Not everyone, however, had good things to say.

G-Dragon was blasted by news sites in Korea for his badly angled military salute. Taken from pictures on the day of his October 26 discharge, they stated that his salute was curved so that the back of his hand was visible.

The correct position according to the defense department is to have one’s shoulder and elbow angled at 60 degrees with the right forefinger at the tip of the eyebrows. The correct salute must have the fingers raised so that only the palm is visible.

G-Dragon, however, had his palm hidden and the back of his hand shown instead. This prompted many comparisons of celebrity discharges before him.

Ok Taecyeon and Lee Seunggi’s salutes are so cool, perfectly angled and what you’d expect from a private.

G-Dragon was controversial last year after allegedly receiving special treatment during his hospitalization for an ankle injury.

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