ITZY’s Yeji Reveals What She Thought When She Heard Her Recorded Voice For The First Time After Debuting

She opened up to fans.

ITZY‘s Yeji held a live broadcast for fans leading up to the start of their promotions for Guess Who, their latest mini album. She touched on numerous subjects ranging from the song that she recorded fastest to the group’s latest dorm arrangements.


One fan also breached the topic of her past, asking, “How was it when you heard your recorded voice for the first time?”

She confirmed that their debut song, “DALLA DALLA,” was the first recording that she ever did, and unexpectedly, she wasn’t completely satisfied with the result.

The first song would be ‘DALLA DALLA’ right? My voice…I didn’t really like it.

— Yeji

Yeji actually preferred to be reborn with another voice if she could. For some reason, she prefers other tones when speaking and singing.

There’s a voice that I wanted. I need to be reborn to get that. Is it okay? The voice that I speak in is kind of…of course it changes when I sing.

— Yeji

In the end, however, she’s happy with herself because fans support her wholeheartedly: “I feel good because MIDZY like my voice a lot.”

MIDZYs can agree that Yeji deserves to feel more confident with her attractive voice!

Source: Naver Live