K-Pop Fans Raised $85,000 USD For A Project Group That Never Debuted

Companies even had to make statements due to how dedicated the fans were!

The aftermath of Produce X 101 was insane, as a lot of things happened after its conclusion.

The final group, X1, was formed with the Top 10 trainees who received the most votes during only the final round of voting, and the 11th member was the trainee with the most overall votes from the entire show.

While the 11 members of X1 gained a lot of attention, the 9 eliminated trainees from the final episode also gained a lot of attention. These 9 trainees were, Kim MingyuGeum DonghyunGoo JungmoSong YuvinLee Sejin, Lee JinhyukTonyHam Wonjin, and Hwang Yoonsung.

Many fans started taking action so that these 9 trainees could debut together in a group. Fans even created a name for the group, BY9, short for “Be Your Nine”.

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Fans even started gathering funds to make the project group happen, as they gathered over 100 million KRW (~$85,000 USD). Not only that, but fans also sent emails and letters to the respective companies of the 9 trainees to get the project group to happen.

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It got to the point where the companies of these trainees had to make statements. Lee Jinhyuk’s company, TOP Media, made a statement on how Jinhyuk would be glad to join BY9, but only if all 9 members were to join.

Hello, this is TOP Media

We would like to thank all of the fans for your interest and support for Lee Jin Hyuk’s promotions and activities.

After Produce X 101, the agency and Lee Jinhyuk have received many inquiries and questions about the project group BY9, and we would like to make an official statement.

We have supported and planned for Lee Jinhyuk’s individual activities, and have also positively reviewed the 9 member BY9 that many of the fans support.

We would like to say that we are interested in joining BY9, but only if it is as currently planned, with 9 members. We are not considering joining any other project groups.

We are preparing and carrying out various different activities for Lee Jinhyuk, and we will share with the fans any news of upcoming activities.

Thank you.

— TOP Media

Lee Jinhyuk

However, BY9’s debut ultimately didn’t happen, as the companies of the 9 trainees had already made different plans for their trainees, which would have made activities with BY9 difficult.

The group was made due to the Produce X 101 trainee’s popularity. It’s not that there was no discussions on the project groups, it that’s there was no serious discussion on it. Possibility of the group’s debut is long gone.

— Music Official

Not only did BY9’s debut not happen, but X1 also ended up disbanding not long after their debut, as it was revealed that the votes for Produce X 101 were rigged.