Here’s Why K-Pop Idols Continue To Live In Their Dorms, Even When They’re RICH Rich

Why live in a dorm if you’re wealthy? Well, here’s why!

With the global success of K-Pop, some may find themselves scratching their heads over why groups continue to live together in dorms.

Part of ASTRO’s dorm

For example, despite their huge success, Red Velvet was revealed to have moved into a different dorm five years after debuting. Seulgi had taken the smallest room, a converted laundry room, because their dorm only had four bedrooms.

Seulgi in her room

So, why do idols who can, for all intents and purposes, afford to live independently continue to live with their groupmates, especially when they’ll have rules to follow?

A K-Pop fan recently broke down the reasons for why they believe idols make this choice, and it’s all very logical. They broke it down into several easy-to-understand reasons, so even though idols like Red Velvet’s Seulgi are super-rich, you can comprehend why they’d choose to live the dorm life.

For example: Are the idols filming a variety show together? BLACKPINK lived together when they were filming BLACKPINK House, which many fans attempted to visit during their vacation in Korea.

An international fan in the iconic BLACKPINK House

Not filming a variety show? Okay, that’s understandable. Well, some companies, encourage (er, require) their groups to live together in an effort to promote the spirit of togetherness. Additionally, it’s easier for their managers to handle their schedule when they’re all in one place — and as it’s been discussed before, managers are grossly mistreated by companies while simultaneously being underpaid for nearly working themselves to death.

It’s no secret that when an idol debuts, they shoulder a lot of debt from the company, who paid for their housing, training, and other various expenses. Living in company-sponsored dorms is a money-saving decision, as living independently would mean the idol would have to take on their own living expenses.

EXO’s dorm

MAMAMOO, for example, lived in a dorm until they went to live separately in 2016, with member Hwasa moving into a $2.3 million dollar USD apartment!

And, they’re not the only group who chooses to live independently. BTS also chooses to live on their own, with leader RM having bought a luxury $4 million USD apartment in Seoul.

Whether they choose to continue to live in dorms or move on to luxury penthouses, the important thing is that each respective idol is making the choice they’re happiest and most comfortable with! Personally, we’d love to live the dorm life with our closest friends!