“Mischievous” V Appears After Jimin Beat Out The Other BTS Members For A Prize

Jimin had quite a quick reaction.

BTS‘s V and Jimin are truly best friends, as they show love to each other, but they also tease each other constantly.

BTS’s V & Jimin

In episode 132 of Run BTS!, V decided to be a little “mischievous” when Jimin won a prize.

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin was the winner in the episode, and he won a voucher for the presidential suite in THE PLAZA hotel.

When Jimin was going to reach for his voucher, V quickly came and “snatched” it.

Jimin then went over to V and splashed him with some water, and he was able to get his voucher back.

After this, the members congratulated Jimin.

Jimin concluded by saying that he had a great time playing games with the members and thanked the staff for the prize.

Another adorable moment between these two friends!

BTS’s V (Left) & Jimin (Right)


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