“Single’s Inferno 2” Viewers Notice Contestants Kim Jin Young And Jo Yoong Jae Want To Brag About Lee Nadine As Much As Fans Do

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As Single’s Inferno 2 recently finished airing, fans of the series have been keeping up with the contestants, eager to see which pairings are still together and what all the contestants have been up to.

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Fan-favorite Lee Nadine is no exception, as netizens have been excited to see her interacting with both season one and two contestants. She has also openly addressed some netizens’ criticisms of her behavior on the show.

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Lee Nadine | @deeenerss/Instagram

And since the show has finished airing, some viewers have already taken to rewatching the drama-filled season, wanting to catch any important details they might have missed in their first viewing.

One such detail that a fan noticed was how the other contestants seemed to love Nadine as much as viewers did. Although Nadine ultimately did not find love in Inferno, which viewers were actually happy about, there’s no denying that the other contestants looked after her during her time on the island and she left with some great friendships.

One clear way the other contestants supported her was through their continued use of English, trying to make it comfortable for Nadine to share her thoughts.

Or, as viewers recently noticed, bragging about her when she was too modest to do it herself. Toward the end of the season, all the contestants gathered together to finally open up about their ages and jobs, which they previously could only disclose on a date in Paradise.

When Nadine revealed she was a Harvard student, the contestants were all understandably impressed. But some viewers noticed Nadine hadn’t actually mentioned Harvard while initially revealing that she was a student. Instead, she simply told them that she is “currently a university student in the States.”

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But when she didn’t volunteer the name Harvard, both Kim Jin Young and Jo Yoong Jae prompted her, wanting her to brag about the university she attends. And, of course, these two contestants were some of the only ones aware that she was a student since both had gone with her to Paradise.

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| Netflix 

Viewers loved seeing Jin Young and Yoong Jae’s eagerness for Nadine to brag, dubbing them “annoying brothers.”

Finding the whole scene cute and funny, especially Kim Se Jun‘s hilarious reaction.

You can read more about what Nadine’s been up to here.

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