The Two SM Entertainment Artists NCT’s Taeyong Considers To Be His Personal “Confidence Boosters”

He always goes to them for advice!

In a recent interview with NME, NCT‘s Taeyong revealed that his experience as a solo artist has made him realize one thing: he doesn’t really feel all that confident without his members—both in NCT and in SuperM. And while he considers all his members to be his “confidence boosters,” there are two artists in particular that he tends to seek out for advice.

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Taeyong is known as one of the most charismatic performers in K-Pop. He has a nearly unrivaled stage presence and his performances simply ooze confidence, but it turns out he doesn’t always feel that way on the inside.

Taeyong in NCT’s performance at the “2020 MAMAs” | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

He recently released his song “Love Theory,” and has also recently launched his own YouTube channel where he will be featuring plenty of other solo work. But while this is an exciting venture, it’s also a somewhat scary one for Taeyong because working alone made him realize how much he relies on his members to feel confident.

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I first thought that working as a solo artist might not be as difficult [as in a group], but what I came to realize is that it’s all the same and working alone, compared to being with my SuperM or NCT team members, I’m actually not as confident. They are my confidence boosters.

— Taeyong

But out of all his members, there are two artists whose advice Taeyong always seeks out, and they are EXO‘s Baekhyun and SHINee‘s Taemin.

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Taeyong became quite close to them as members of SuperM. He has even said he’d take the MBTI test just because Baekhyun told him to, despite the fact that he had no interest in taking it before!

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He also revealed that the solo song he performed in NCT 127‘s Seoul concert in December 2021 was originally meant to be a collaboration with Taemin.

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Taeyong really looks up to them as both his seniors and his friends, so it’s no surprise that he’d come to them for advice and for a good confidence boost when he needs it.

I really get a lot of advice and confidence from them, especially Baekhyun who guided me to the right direction when I was unsure of myself.

— Taeyong

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Taeyong may be a highly charismatic performer and a strong leader, but it’s nice to see how much he values his members and his friends, and how much he relies on them. After all, it’s this quality that made SM Entertainment appoint him as leader of NCT!

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Source: NME