Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Release HD Photos of Their Wedding

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo finally got married and became an official married couple on October 31, 2017.

[★BREAKING] Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Are Officially A Married Couple

Both their agencies released a joint statement on behalf of the newlywed couple. 

“Thank you for the high level of interest and love towards the wedding. We appreciate the great wishes and love from everyone, the wedding happened without any problem.

Since the wedding was a private wedding, photos and filming were impossible and we are very sorry.

Please understand the decision.

Lastly, we will live happily and work hard to return all the love to everyone who has wished them the best.”

— Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo

Along with the statement, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s agency released official photos from the wedding on their official agency’s blog. 

The official wedding photos are absolutely stunning and congratulations are well in order for this new happy wedded couple. 

Congratulations to Song Hye Kyo! 

Congratulations to Song Joong Ki!

Congratulations to both of them!

Song Song couple are finally married! 

Source: XSports News

Stay tuned for more updates and catch up with everything about the Song Song couple’s wedding as more details are released!

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