Sunmi’s On-Set Mishap Made The Final Cut Of Her Music Video, With Her Insistence

GOT7’s BamBam was surprised at the behind-the-scenes confession.

ABYSS Company labelmates GOT7‘s BamBam and soloist Sunmi recently reunited to film the latest episode of Bam’s House, and during the episode, Sunmi opened up about her unique concepts and idol image.

Sunmi (left) and GOT7’s BamBam | 뱀집/YouTube

Soloist and former Wonder Girls member Sunmi recently made her long-awaited comeback with “STRANGER.”

The unique “Sunmi-pop” song combined pop elements with a fun horror movie-like music video.

Sunmi revealed that she usually lets the producers do what they want regarding her videos, but admitted she couldn’t “give up doing strange things” in her music videos.

The talented soloist hilariously declared that she must “always have a unique, strange point” in her videos.

BamBam agreed, stating that female idols’ concepts used to be about “being pretty and having [a] cool performance,” but Sunmi influenced change with her unique concepts

The GOT7 member hilariously added that Sunmi became the “first very pretty psycho” when she made her solo debut.

Sunmi agreed and joked that she had to “brag” about scenes in her music videos where she said she looks “ugly.”

She gave an example, revealing that while filming her “Heroine” music video, she was running and slipped on the wet ground, falling hard during a scene.

Instead of editing the clip out or redoing it, she decided to keep the unplanned moment in the video’s final cut, saying she “really wanted” to keep the scene in the music video, so she did.

BamBam reacted to the confession, admiring Sunmi’s dedication to filming and her “strange” concept, saying, “Surviving while doing that is a unique adaption you have.

Sunmi’s behind-the-scenes story about the “Heroine” music video helps explain the many severe bruises she received filming for it.

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