Netizens Find Written Proof That TXT Will Have Their Own Universe

Netizens now have proof to support this theory.

Ever since Tomorrow x Together (TXT) went public, fans have been asking the same burning question: will TXT their own universe? According to netizen detectives, the answer is yes.


In 2015, Big Hit Entertainment released BTS’s “I NEED U”, the first music video in the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series that forms the foundation of the “BTS Universe” (BU). This complex narrative launched countless fan theories and has now expanded into a bookThe Notes 1, and a webtoon entitled Save Me. 


Many netizens suspect that TXT will either join BTS’s universe or have a separate, though possibly related, universe with its own plotlines. The latter theory now seems to be coming true, thanks to some convincing new evidence.


Recently, netizens noticed that TXT’s videos include this copyright: “TU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment”. “TU” is most likely short for “TXT Universe”.


The thought of a BU and a TU is overwhelming for many fans, but they can’t help looking forward to whatever craziness Big Hit Entertainment is preparing for them.


Check out TXT’s latest teaser for more clues about this mysterious TXT Universe.

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