The Uncommon Occurrence Of When K-Pop Idols Are Sasaengs Of Other Idols

One of them even stayed outside EXO’s dorm for two days!

Sasaengs are a real problem in the industry. In fact, it’s such a problem that K-Pop idols like Grace Kim and Kim Dong Wan openly discuss their feelings about sasaengs. These “fans” have a tendency to take things too far, from trespassing to attempted kidnappings, their obsession for attention knows no bounds.

The infamous “no pants” sasaeng

As you can imagine, dealing with a sasaeng is very stressful for everyone. But what happens when your sasaeng fan is a colleague? How can you avoid someone who works in the same industry as you? And, knowing what celebrity life is like, why would they do it to you? Well, while idol on idol sasaeng encounters are rare, they aren’t non-existent. (Unfortunately.)

Sasaeng fans swarming an airport

Back in 2012, Big Hit Entertainment debuted a 5-member hip-hop-inspired girl group called GLAM. Despite being pretty successful, with one of the members even voice acting the Vocaloid See U, the ground ended up disbanding because two of their members were sasaeng fans! Member Trinity left the group for “personal reasons”, although it was widely reported that she was asked to leave because she was a sasaeng of Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

Former GLAM member Trinity

A couple of years later, member Dahee was arrested for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun.

Former GLAM member Dahee

Another idol sasaeng was Diamond Zhang, a former contestant on and winner of The Voice China. She was a trainee for Haeun Entertainment in South Korea and made her debut with the K-Pop girl group Sunny Days.

Diamond Zhang | Source: By Hoantq91 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

As Diamond’s star kept rising, netizens began looking into her past. While that in itself isn’t particularly surprising, what is surprising is what netizens found. Chinese netizens found proof that she used to be an EXO sasaeng — but not just any EXO sasaeng, no. Diamond was “one of the four EXO sasaengs“. Diamond, along with the three other sasaengs, waiting for EXO outside their dorm for two days, even staying outside overnight waiting for the group. They even went so far to call it a “memorable experience they would never forget.

Source: CiCi_KissJingIn

While cases of idols being sasaeng of other idols are uncommon, they do happen. Sometimes, those idols are no longer welcome in the industry and asked to leave their group or agency, while others go on to enjoy successful careers. What do you think should happen to idols who are sasaeng fans of other idols?

Source: Koreaboo and Quora

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