You’ll Never Guess Who The Idol Pictured Is Unless You’re A True Fan

Do you know who it is?

Everyone knows Sunmi, right? Beauty. Icon. Talent. She’s pretty awesome.

This, however, is not Sunmi:

Again, THIS is Sunmi:

And this is NOT:

Do you recognize the stunning singer, who is most definitely not Sunmi? In fact, this cuddly bear is one of her best friends. Can you guess who?

It is, of course, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi!

The talented duo are such huge fans of one another and are always doing special things to acknowledge each other. Seulgi and Sunmi are basically like sisters, so it can’t be helped if they get mistaken for each other every so often.



But, wait, does that mean Seulgi’s look-alike brother is a Sunmi doppelgänger as well?

Seulgi’s fansite Hourly Seulgi posted the original photo to Twitter: