Song Joong Ki Will Be Possibly Making His Comeback With A New Historical K-Drama

Article: Just married Song Joong Ki, Reading Script For Historical Drama “Bbuna”,Currently in talks Source:TV Report via Naver 1. [+125, -12] Woah ㅋㅋ Song Joong Ki going to finally make his comeback with a period drama. 2. [+106, -13] Is Song actor going to work again 3. [+103, -12] Wow ~~~~~ I will be looking […]

Netflix wanted to cast Song Joong Ki, but he said “No” because of Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, revealed that he turned down a role for a Netflix drama. The drama, “Kingdom”, revolves around a prince tasked with protecting the kingdom from a horde of zombies. Song Joong Ki In Talks To Appear In Upcoming Netflix Zombie Drama Blossom Entertainment confirmed he instead wants to focus on Song […]

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Plastic Surgeons Claim These 21 Idols’ Faces Are Mathematically PERFECT

According to specialists, the human face can be geometrically mapped, and the aesthetic measurement of ones face is directly correlated with the famous ‘golden ratio’ or ‘Fibonacci’s sequence’ (1.618). Plastic surgeons also take this into account when performing operations. Specialists have mapped out idols’ faces and found that the facial structure of these 21 idols especially […]

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