Cadillac Chose Sooyoung As A Model For One Special Reason, And It Worked

Cadillac recently chose Girls’ Generation Sooyoung as their spokesmodel, and there was a special reason behind it. A representative of GM Korea revealed that Sooyoung had the perfect image that they’re looking for. “Cadillac still has a narrow-minded image of the past in Korea. But Cadillac is changing. The products and the brand are getting […]

Girls Generation Tiffany Once Broke A Tooth Because Of Sooyoung

On JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, Tiffany revealed that she broke her tooth while trying to make Sooyoung laugh at her birthday party. She put a frozen blueberry in between her top and bottom front teeth. But she bit into the blueberry so hard that it literally broke her tooth! She had to get it […]

Here Are The Most Popular Female Idols

Here are the top 20 most popular female idols based on their brand rankings. 20. Gfriend’s Sowon 19. Gfriend’s Yuju 18. TWICE’s Tzuyu 17. Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon 16. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo 15. Girls’ Day Hyeri 14. Gfriend’s Umji 13. Girl Generation’s Yuri 12. TWICE’s Sana 11. Red Velvet’s Seulgi 10. Red Velvet’s Joy 9. Girls Generation’s […]

13 Of The Hottest Pairs Of Legs Right Now In K-Pop

  Female idols love to show off their fabulous long legs, and here are some of the hottest legs in K-Pop right now.  1.MAMAMOO’s Hwasa 2. Girl’s Day’s Yura 3. AOA’s Seolhyun 4. AFTER SCHOOL’s Nana 5. GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Sooyoung 6. COSMIC GIRL’s Cheng Xiao 7. Bora 8. Choa 9. Nine Muses’s Kyungri 10. T-ARA’s […]

Girl’s Generation Sooyoung Reveals What She Hates The Most About Each Member

On JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung gave hilarious examples of when her members annoy her the most. She began with her first victim, Sunny. Sooyoung hates it when Sunny talks in her super cutesy voice! She then moved on to reveal that she hates it when Tiffany monopolizes the cutesy concepts. “Tiffany thinks she’s […]

TOP 13 Best K-Pop Idols Cosplays You’ve Ever Seen

When Halloween comes around, that means it’s time for idols to show off their downright perfect cosplays. From anime characters to superheroes, here are some of the best K-Pop Idol cosplays ever. 1. GOT7’s BamBam — Captain America  2.  GOT7’s Mark — Spider Man  3. BTS’s Jungkook — Detective Conan 4. BTS’s Suga — Naruto […]

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Tiffany Fought Over Sharing A Hamburger

On KBS’s Happy Together 3, Tiffany recalled the time when Sooyoung got angry at her about a hamburger. About 5 years ago, everyone except Tiffany ordered a burger for lunch, and Tiffany asked Sooyoung for a bite. Sooyoung gladly handed over the burger, and Tiffany took one bite… but that’s when it happened. Tiffany returned the burger, […]

Sooyoung Says She Knows All Of Heechul’s Darkest Secrets

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung totally dominated against Super Junior’s Heechul by threatening to release all his secrets.  The teaser from Knowing Brothers revealed playful banter between Sooyoung and Heechul where they attempted to out each other’s secrets.  The tables have turned against Heechul after the friendly vibe between him and Sooyoung turned competitive.  Although he was known for roasting […]

16 Idols Who Need To Have Their Own Mukbang Shows

These 16 idols are such good eaters, and while they are known to occasionally showcase their skills  – they deserve full season mukbang shows as often as possible! 1. BTS Jin (ft. Jungkook) 2. TWICE Tzuyu 3. ASTRO Moonbin 4. Apink Namjoo 5. B1A4 Sandeul  6. Girls’ Generation Sooyoung 7. B.A.P Daehyun 8. MAMAMOO Solar 9. […]

Sooyoung says BTS is a source of inspiration for her

Sooyoung revealed to W Magazine that she gets inspired by BTS’s success in America. She complimented BTS for their latest win at the Billboard Music Awards 2017. BTS Wins “Top Social Media Artist Award” at the Billboard Music Awards Sooyoung explained that BTS’s success helps inspire her to work harder for Girls’ Generation. “When I see […]

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