10 Female And Male K-Pop Idols Who Have Openly Shown Support For Feminism

“I just want to live my life being honest and speaking out for injustice.”

Feminism remains a taboo subject in Korea, but that hasn’t stopped some idols from expressing their support for gender equality in different ways.

Being associated with feminism can often be detrimental to one’s career, if not an outright life-threatening risk. The sexism debate has seen many people in the public sphere be accused of being ‘anti-male,’ which is the meaning that many people infer from the word ‘feminism.’ It has also led female K-Pop idols to be unfairly shamed for things that male idols often do without consequence.

As a result, it is not often that public figures openly embrace feminist views, even if they do so in private. Yet, despite the risks, here are 10 K-Pop idols who have publicly shown their support for feminism!


1. All the members of MAMAMOO


MAMAMOO have proven several times over that they are a group that means to change things for the better. Whether it’s by fearlessly embracing body hair…

…or actively disregarding gender norms, MAMAMOO have proven they are unapologetically feminist!

2. ATEEZ’s San


San gained praise from ATINYs when he showed support for Olympic archer An San, who received backlash from male extremists as they alleged that she had used a misandrist term. San not only expressed support for her but also went on to use the term himself, seemingly using his platform to call attention to the issue.

3. Jessi

Jessica | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi is easily one of the main game-changers in the industry. From being open about her plastic surgery and her body to expressing loving support for all her female idol friends, Jessi is paving the way in K-Pop!

4. Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene | @renebaebae/Instagram

Irene famously got into hot water with her male fans after she read a ‘feminist’ book. The book in question, Kim Ji Young, Born 1982, explores the patriarchal nature of South Korean society, which elicited severely negative reactions from South Korean men when it was published. Yet, despite the fact that Irene was so heavily criticized for reading it, the fact that she was open about it led the book to become a bestseller!

5. BTS’s RM


Like Irene (and a few other celebrities), RM also read Kim Ji Young, Born 1982. In fact, he found it so thought-provoking that it has been a mainstay in his list of book recommendations ever since. Interestingly enough, reading this book caused RM, Irene, and other celebrities to be labeled as ‘verified feminists’ on an anti-feminist website (which was eventually taken down)!

6. ATEEZ’s Hongjoong


Hongjoong has always made it his mission to be an empathetic and inclusive artist, which many ATINYs greatly appreciate. From being a strong supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community to challenging gender norms, Hongjoong makes everyone feel safe and seen.

7. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Joy once came under fire for showing her feminist leanings by wearing a shirt that said “We should all be feminists.” Despite that, it wasn’t the only time she expressed feminist views!

8. NCT 127’s Yuta


Yuta once gained praise for hilariously calling out his fellow guests on the variety show Abnormal Summit when they began listing the countries with the most beautiful women.

Not only that, but he also spoke on the issues that can arise from raising children to adhere to strict gender roles.

9. All the members of (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE | CUBE Entertainment

(G)I-DLE’s latest comeback album, I Never Die, is arguably a feminist album. After all, the ‘G’ was removed from the group’s name in the album cover, which leader Soyeon explained represents the group’s choice to do away with constricting gender roles.

What we want to convey is that we don’t attribute our actions to gender or age. Because I’m me is why I am, and why I act the way I do.


Moreover, Shuhua recently gained praise after she fearlessly expressed her anger at the male perpetrators of an assault in China that went viral.

Shuhua | @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

Her comments had such conviction that netizens wondered if it was okay for her to say such things as an idol. Yet, according to Shuhua, she has no intention of holding back her honesty.

10. THE BOYZ’s Kevin

Kevin | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

Kevin has openly been an LGBTQIA+ ally for years. Not only that but has also been known to make many ‘feminist’ comments and jokes that fans have continually praised him for.