10 K-Pop Idol Foodies Who Love To Eat Food But Also “Eat It Up” On Stage

They’re eating but also eating.

There are some obvious foodies in the K-Pop industry who are known for their love for eating—but food is not all they eat.

BLACKPINK’s Rose eating | JTBC

These idols are known to also eat CDs, microphones and performances on stage.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic K-Pop idol “foodies” who love to eat.

1. BTS’s Jin

If we’re talking about K-Pop idols who love to eat, one of our first thoughts is “Jin!” This BTS member is known for his love for eating, and he even had his own little mukbang “show” called Eat Jin where he live-streamed himself eating while talking with ARMYs.

ARMYs are often wondering is, “Where does all the food go?”

Because it’s a known fact that Jin loves to eat, ARMYs and fellow BTS members constantly worry about if he’s eating well while in the army.

Besides eating food, Jin also enjoys eating microphones like in his performance of “Permission To Dance” where he hit a high note with ease.

Along with singing high notes, he also eats it up at dance parties and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

2. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Although Hwasa is known for her talents, beauty and unique airport fashion trends, she also became widely popular for her gopchang moment. In MBC‘s reality show I Live Alone, a moment of her eating gopchang alone while sitting outside went viral in 2018. It’s clear to say that a lot of people were going out to their local gopchang restaurants after watching this beautiful moment.

And when she eats, she makes sure to eat in a way that makes viewers proud… and also hungry.

She even makes a Subway sandwich look so delicious like it’s a gourmet burger.

She never fails to bring her all when performing with her full-out choreography and facial expressions that reel viewers in.

Even on live performances, she eats it up. The gopchang and Subway sandwich must go straight into her singing, dancing and performing skills because this video of her on stage is evidence.

3. TXT’s Yeonjun

Yeonjun is definitely TXT’s secret foodie and he shared that he looks up to BTS’s Jin as a fellow foodie. He is always eating.

He was even seen eating in public in a very nonchalant manner.

However, he’s not so nonchalant with his reaction to eating sour gummies.

But as much as Yeonjun likes to eat, he also eats it up when performing. It’s not very easy to sing acapella, or without music, but Yeonjun does it easily and well—and the fans agree.

Yes, we know he eats CDs but did you know he also eats microphones… literally?

On top of eating his microphone, Yeonjun can even flip it in a cool way, which he does in this awesome performance where he owns the stage with his singing, dancing, energy and charisma.


As a renowned foodie, Rose loves to eat delicious food and shared that she can even eat a whole chicken by herself.

She not only eats food but the love BLINKS send her in the form of little hearts during an Instagram live.

She is known for having a very slender frame, but she was simply born that way as she has stated that she isn’t the type to gain weight easily. She also does pilates which keeps her in shape.

Maybe the secret is to hiccup and laugh while eating to burn calories like this adorable moment.

Whether it’s eating a whole chicken or little hearts from fans, Rose makes sure eat—and she never forgets to have her daily dose of CDs and then blow the audience away on stage.

And we can never forget this moment: she not only ate up the stage but the winds with her iconic Coachella performance in 2019.

5. BTS’s Jungkook

It’s a known fact that Jungkook loves to eat. He loves to eat so much that he even munches on food while watching TV.

And like the Shakira song, “whenever, wherever” he’s together with food, he looks happy. In fact, it appears that he enjoys eating at award shows.

He also loves the fast-food restaurant Chipotle, saying that he wants to “eat it everyday.” Last year, he even made Chipotle want to change their name because he mispronunciation the name while he enjoying the food.

But besides Chipotle, did you know Jungkook eats CDs as well? Perhaps CDs have negative calories that keep Jungkook’s vocal cords in great shape.

Here’s him eating it up as a recently-debuted 16-year-old…

…to him now, eating it up at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony with the song “Dreamers.”

6. ITZY’s Yuna

Yuna may be the lead rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual, and maknae of ITZY, but she can also add “foodie” to that list. Her love for food is known to the Midzys as she is often seen munching on food in the most adorable way.

There were times she tried to sneak in a bite while they were broadcasting—only to get caught.

There are other times when she ate without worrying about being caught. Once, while the other members were passionately dancing to EXO‘s “Growl,” Yuna can be seen eating in the corner—and loving every moment of it.

She rocks at eating food and she rocks on stage like this legendary performance of Lee Hyori‘s “U Go Girl” where she showcases her tiny waist and abs.

She also eats it up with her low and charismatic rapping voice that contrasts with her usual cute and bubbly voice.

7. NCT’s Jungwoo

Jungwoo has stated that he has a big appetite and likes to eat big portions.

Even NCTizens know how much Jungwoo loves to eat and how much it means to him.

And they absolutely love it when Jungwoo eats.

Jungwoo once confessed on a radio show that can eat whatever he wants and still have abs—he is simply blessed that way.

Sometimes, he doesn’t even leave crumbs for the rest of us.

8. LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

Although Sakura hasn’t shared how much she can eat or if she eats a lot, she has made a public declaration of how much eating delicious food means to her.

On an episode of Fearless Sakura, she made a remark about how she would rather live a short life eating whatever she wants rather than living a long and difficult life of eating boring and healthy foods.

These clips of her eating happily is evidence that she truly finds joy in eating delicious foods.

Her love for food must have started since she was she was young. In this clip of a young Sakura, her heart went out for the poor fish that was sacrificed for her meal and she cried—but moments later, her widened at the deliciousness of the fish.

But one must eat to be happy and gain energy to eat up photoshoots…

…and performances. Here is Sakura killing her part in the song “Impurities.”

9. Seventeen’s Kim Mingyu

From pizza to ramen to sushi, Kim Mingyu is passionate about eating.

He was once seen on Seventeen’s YouTube video clearing a bowl of Korean pork rib stew which caused CARATS to ask him for more mukbang content.

The secret to his staying in shape may be that he is not picky. He eats his vegetables too, especially cilantro.

As much as Kim Mingyu loves to eat, he also works hard for his body, too. Here is him “happily” eating an unseasoned chicken breast, convincing himself that it’s delicious.

His hard work clearly has paid off as he is often seeing him eat it up on stage, especially on his performance of “Crush.”

Then he went ahead and crushed his performance of “HOME;RUN” and ate up that suit and tie outfit.

10. Aespa’s Karina

Karina has once shared that when she can eat, she can eat a lot—and that she can eat up to three ramens to which singer Song Gain responded with, “I don’t even think three ramens could fit in there.

She also loves eating donuts too and can be seen eating almost a whole box of six Krispy Kreme donuts. She stops after four donuts to control herself and save her appetite for later, but based on her hesitation while looking at the donuts, she can probably eat more.

Like Song Gain said, where does the food go? Perhaps it gives her the energy to flawlelssly perform live on stage like she did for aespa’s SYNK: HYPERLINE concert.

As much as she loves to eat, she enjoys eating up her performances as well with her excellent rapping, dancing and stage presence.





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