4 Female K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Group Due To Scandals

Some of these stories are just crazy.

Scandals can be quite detrimental to a K-Pop idol, especially if they are a part of a group. There have been plenty of male K-Pop idols who had to leave their respective group due to scandals. While it’s not as common, there have been a few female K-Pop idols who also ran into these kinds of problems. Here’s a list of a few female K-Pop idols who left their group due to scandals.

1. Jimin (Former member of AOA)


Jimin recently made headlines when it was revealed that she had bullied and tormented Mina during their time together in AOA.


While Jimin tried to deny any of the allegations, Mina shared multiple posts on her social media account detailing what she went through. Mina also criticized FNC Entertainment for ignoring Jimin’s action for many years. This scandal practically forced Jimin to leave both AOA and the entertainment industry.

2. Dahee (Former member of GLAM)


In 2014, it was revealed that GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon had blackmailed actor Lee Byung Hun. Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon requested a large amount of money from Lee Byung Hun in exchange for not releasing a video of him making some sexual jokes.

Lee Byung Hun

Both Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon were soon revealed to be guilty of the blackmailing attempt and were both sentenced to prison. This caused not only for Dahee to get kicked out of GLAM but for the whole group to soon disband.

3. HyunA (Former member of Triple H)


During her time at Cube Entertainment, HyunA was once a part of a group called Triple H. The group was comprised of HyunA, Dawn, and Hui (PENTAGON).

Triple H

However, some rumors started spreading that Dawn and HyunA were in a relationship. While Cube Entertainment originally denied these claims, HyunA and Dawn soon came out and revealed that they were in a relationship.

Cube Entertainment soon decided to terminate both of their contracts due to “lost trust”. Triple H has effectively disbanded, with Hui being the only member left at Cube Entertainment.

4. Hwayoung (Former member of T-ara)

Hwayoung was involved in one of the biggest scandals in K-Pop, where it was rumored that she was bullied by her fellow members during her time in T-ara. Many netizens soon began gathering “evidence” that Hwayoung was bullied by her fellow members.

While the other members of T-ara tried to explain the allegations, many netizens were already criticizing them and concluded that the allegations were true. T-ara’s image went spiraling down after this scandal, and Hwayoung ultimately stepped down from T-ara not long after this scandal began.

Over the years, many have come out and revealed that these allegations were false and that Hwayoung was the actual bully in the group.

Bonus: Som Hein

While Som Hein was never a part of a K-Pop group, she was a part of the survival show Idol School. She dropped out halfway through the program due to anorexia. However, many believe that the true reason why she left Idol School was due to allegations that she was a bully. Her victim even came out and revealed evidence of all the pain that Som Hein caused her.