These 4th Gen K-Pop Groups Have The Best Chemistry, According To Fans

Fans say groups with great chemistry put on the best performances!

In a recent discussion on Reddit, K-Pop fans discussed the recently debuted groups they believe have the most chemistry with each other. Many groups were listed, but a few stood out for being mentioned the most in regard to their closeness and interactions with each other!

Here are some of the most mentioned!


While some of the members knew each other before joining LE SSERAFIM, the group have quickly gotten close! Their powerful performances show how much chemistry they have on stage, while their hilarious stories show their chemistry off.

2. TXT

The members of TXT can be paired in any way and have awesome chemistry. Fans have fallen for how comfortable all the members are with each other on and off stage! TXT’s impressive performances can only be pulled off because of their chemistry with each other!

3. aespa

Since their debut, aespa have shown off their chemistry both visually and with each other personality-wise, leading to great performances!


Fans of the group have attributed their closeness to how the group was initially formed!

5. P1Harmony

Some fans have compared P1Harmony to a big family, with Keeho as the group’s father. The members showed their closeness during this year’s ISAC competition during Intak‘s performance!

6. Stray Kids

Stray Kids’ closeness is known to be comforting for fans. The members are so in sync that it can be a little alarming to those who don’t stan!

7. Kep1er

Fans often comment on how close the girls of Kep1er are and their great communication with each other. Fans are just as attached to the group, and often speak up for the group’s better treatment.


Any fan of ATEEZ could point out various moments that prove just how close the group are. There have been plenty of times over the years when the members have taken care of each other as though they are related by blood!

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