5 Confessions Made By The GOT7 Members That Will Have Ahgases In Tears

Number 2 is just heartbreaking.

While the GOT7 members are known for their kind and humorous personalities, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t made some heartbreaking confessions throughout the years. Here’s a list of 5 confessions made by the GOT7 members that will have Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) in tears.

1. Mark speaking on the loyalty of Ahgases

During a fan event, Mark spoke on how they no longer are concerned about their albums doing well on charts and that they only care about making Ahgases happy.

Every time we release an album, amongst ourselves, how shall I put this? Our expectation is always high. But honestly, compared to our… It’s a little… You know right?

Honestly now, we are not that concerned about it. With our fans, the stage, because of our fans, we are able to stand on stage. Because you are here, everything’s okay. What I’ve realized from our fan meeting is that as long we have our fans, it’s all okay.

— Mark

2. Youngjae speaking on sasaeng fans

Youngjae has been dealing with sasaeng fans for years, as these “fans” are constantly invading his privacy. Recently, Youngjae dealt with a sasaeng fan who took a picture of him without his permission, and he expressed his frustration on his Instagram account.

Don’t come up to the shop. And was that a threat? You can’t just take a photo of me chatting with other people at a cafe without my permission and then ask me, ‘Can I post this?’

— Youngjae

Youngjae then made another post on his Instagram account, responding to the question the sasaeng fan had asked him.

If you want to see a person’s life get ruined, go ahead and post it.

— Youngjae

3. JB speaking on how his parents’ divorce

During an episode of Hello Counselor, a young girl shared her concern about her parents constantly fighting due to her father putting alcohol above the family. Due to this, the girl fears that her parents will divorce. JB then shared that he faced a similar problem in his youth.

Our family was like that too. My parents ultimately divorced, so I currently live with my mom and my step-dad.

— JB

JB also shared that he got scared whenever his parents fought.

Whenever they would fight, I would become cautious and get startled by the smallest sounds. I became scared.

— JB

JB then asked the father of the girl to think about his actions, as they could have a big effect on his child’s life.

[Actions like that] have a huge impact on a child while they’re growing up.

— JB

4. Jackson speaking on how he drifted from his father

Jackson‘s father was a successful fencer, as he even won a gold medal at the Asian Games. Jackson also picked up fencing from a young age, and he was quite good at it, as he even got an offer from an American university. However, Jackson felt that he was drifting from his father as he got older, and he couldn’t contain his tears when talking about this.

I gradually became better and better, but as my dad and I slowly got older [he breaks down in tears] my dad and I slowly drifted apart. I’ve reached the top in a number of things, but I’ve also discovered that it hasn’t made me happy. I don’t think I have any time to spend with my father.

— Jackson

5. BamBam expressing his gratitude to Ahgases

During a concert, BamBam was overwhelmed with emotions when he expressed his gratitude to Ahgases.

I didn’t think we would receive this much love. So, I hope that you do things for yourselves, not just things for us. When we are sleeping at night, you guys are busy getting more views on our videos, which is why you guys aren’t sleeping at that time. I’m so sorry and so grateful.

— BamBam

BamBam also stated how he wanted to repay the love that Ahgases show to GOT7.

We now have things that we could never have had in the past. I wish you guys were also living in that kind of environment. I hope we can repay you guys somehow later. Thank you so much for giving us so much love.

— BamBam