5 Korean Artists Who Have Been Criticized For Their Pre-Debut Actions

Number 4 is insane.

Korean artists are held to quite a high standard, as many have been criticized by netizens for their actions pre-debut. Here’s a list of a few Korean artists who have been criticized for their pre-debut actions.


ACHILLO faced criticism when it was revealed that he had made some comments about BTS‘s RM in the past.

When RM had collaborated Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, ACHILLO made a rude comment towards RM.

“The Rap God meets the Rap Retard… How’ll it be I’m only gonna listen to Gaeko’s verse.”


ACHILLO also faced criticism when he responded quite negatively to outraged fans.

Source: Koreaboo

2. Taeyong (NCT)

Taeyong has been accused of multiple acts pre-debut, such as being a bully and being homophobic.

While a lot of the accusations against Taeyong were exaggerated, he has admitted to some of the accusations made against him and has made multiple apologies to the victims.

It has been a long time since I saw this friend, and I am upset that I am meeting them over something like this.

Honestly, I have never once felt at ease because of this.

Every day, dozens of times, I think ‘why was I like that’ and feel regret.

— Taeyong

While Taeyong has apologized for actions, some netizens have still criticized him over the years.

3. Park Yuri (JxR)

Yuri has been criticized many times for his past actions. One controversial moment was related to iKON‘s Bobby.

Yuri has often been compared to Bobby in terms of looks. Yuri didn’t think of this too fondly, as he chose to call Bobby ugly, and posted a photo alongside Bobby seemingly mocking him.

4. Som Hein

Som Hein faced controversy when she was a contestant on the survival show Idol School. A victim came out and revealed that Som Hein had bullied her in the past. Som Hein had apparently physically beaten up the victim, spat on her, and even made the victim kneel in front of her. The victim even revealed evidence that Som Hein was a bully.

Netizens were not pleased by the news. Som Hein soon made an official apology regarding her past and even stepped down from Idol School due to everything that was going on.

5. Yoon Seobin

Yoon Seobin first made headlines when he appeared on the Produce X 101 as the lone JYP Entertainment trainee. However, he made some more headlines when it was revealed that he engaged in underage smoking and drinking in his past, which didn’t make netizens too happy.

Yoon Seobin was soon dropped by both Produce X 101 and JYP Entertainment once the rumors were confirmed.