5 Moments Between BTS And Bang Si Hyuk That Will Warm Your Heart

Bang Si Hyuk is the reason why Suga didn’t quit his idol dreams!

One person that the BTS members are extremely close to is Bang Si Hyuk, the head of their agency (Big Hit Entertainment).

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There have been plenty of moments between BTS and Bang Si Hyuk that warmed the hearts of fans. Here are 5 of these moments.

1. Bang Si Hyuk helping Suga

When Suga was a trainee, he had many part-time jobs due to his financial situation, and due to tuition fees. However, when he was working as a delivery man, he got into an accident that greatly injured his shoulder.

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After this accident, Suga decided to quit being a trainee due to the injury and his financial situation.

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However, Bang Si Hyuk didn’t allow this to happen and told Suga that he would wait for his shoulder to heal. Not only that, but Bang Si Hyuk also paid for Suga’s tuition fees! Suga then ended up staying in Big Hit Entertainment, and the rest is history.

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2. Bang Si Hyuk emotionally congratulating BTS

BTS’s “Dynamite” made history by becoming the first K-Pop song to top the Billboard “Hot 100” chart. Not only that, but the song stayed No.1 for two straight weeks. BTS gave a call to Bang Si Hyuk when they found this out, and he was quite emotional. The BTS members even thought that he was crying!


Bang Si Hyuk was emotional and told them, “You don’t know how incredible this is. That’s the kind of group you are. This just defies belief.


BTS then thanked Bang Si Hyuk for helping them along their journey and for always believing in them.


Before they ended their call, Bang Si Hyuk told BTS that he loved them, and BTS said that they loved him too.

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3. RM standing up for Bang Si Hyuk

In 2010, producer and rapper Brave Brothers decided to release his own album. For the teaser for the album, he decided to reveal the names of some producers, one of them being Bang Si Hyuk. In the teaser video, CG effects were showing Brave Brothers throwing light beams at these names, expressing that these producers weren’t as good as him.

RM, who was a trainee at the time, saw this and decided to stand up for Bang Si Hyuk. RM, alongside Iron and Supreme Boi, released a diss track called “Hook”, which targeted Brave Brothers.

You say you just wanna be ‘The Classic’ like Nas?
Got nothin’ to say, Nas hyung, u mad
Have you ever seen anything absurd like that, why just blindly insult right away
We can seduce other people’s ears without using the F word
Got into YG with your rapping, dug yourself into a hole with your mic
‘Last Farewell’ really became your last farewell
You closed your eyes tight at the development in the music business but the public’s eyes are paparazzi
You sold off all your hook songs, you might really be finished
Yeah and this is a real Brave Entertainment
Maybe DISS is what u want, our Special occasion
The facts that everyone knows but you, shall I stop?
Ok ok, no more jokes and will end it here

— RM

4. Bang Si Hyuk’s letter to BTS 

In an episode of BTS: Bon Voyage, the BTS members read a letter that Bang Si Hyuk wrote to them, and it was quite a touching moment. In the letter, Bang Si Hyuk apologized to the members for being so tough on them when they were trainees.

To Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook,

When I first met you, all of you were so young. I found each of you at different times, but all of you were so scared of something. None of you knew how to deal with me. You boys couldn’t even look me in the eye. Yet I was so strict with you all. It is because I’m so greedy and I have such high standards. I gave you all such a hard time, testing your limits, asking why you can’t believe in yourselves… And when I’d push you to reach places so far and unknown, you all were probably so exhausted.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk also thanked the members for exceeding his expectations and for working so hard.

But you boys never failed me. You always found a way and went beyond my expectations. You soared higher than I ever imagined. At some point, I realized, your fear was simply your desperation. That fear made you boys practice all night and destroy your own limits.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk concluded the letter by telling the members that they will one day become the best in the world and thanked them for all that they’ve done for him.

Now I’m able to take a step back and watch you all progress forward… Now there’s no reason for me to direct you anywhere. You boys are finding your own paths now, all on your own. You are going places that I dared not dream of. But I still won’t thank you and tell you how proud I am just yet. I’m an ambitious man. One day, when you boys become the best in the world, perhaps a year… or three years from today, I’ll let you know. I’ll look each of you in the eye and tell you in person – that I appreciate you staying by my side all that time, bringing me here, and allowing me to dream on.

— Bang Si Hyuk

5. Bang Si Hyuk’s advice to BTS

When BTS started gaining a lot of international fame in 2017, Bang Si Hyuk gave some advice to the members. He told them that they didn’t need to protect their original intentions as artists, and RM was quite thankful when he said this.

Bang Si Hyuk PD told us ‘you don’t need to protect your original intentions.’

I was thankful for his story, because it was something different from everyone saying [we should] keep our original intentions.

— RM

RM then went a bit more in-depth and explained that Bang Si Hyuk was telling them that they needed to behave appropriately and have a proper mindset for their position.

He didn’t mean it as ‘since we are popular now, we can do whatever we want,’ but instead since we are in a certain position [assume one of the top boy groups], we need to behave appropriately and have the proper mindset for that position.

— RM