5 Moments Between BTS And Their Junior Artists That Will Melt Your Heart

BTS received a lot of praise for #3.

Despite their immense success, BTS has always remained humble and polite. The BTS members are especially kind to junior artists. Here are 5 moments between BTS and junior artists that will melt your heart.

1. Jin buying pizza for TXT

BTS’s Jin (Left) & TXT’s Soobin (Right)

The BTS members are always taking care of their junior labelmates, TXT. When TXT guested on MBC FM4U‘s radio show hosted by Kim Shin Young, member Soobin shared that Jin had bought them pizza. However, Jin was, unfortunately, unable to eat with them due to his schedule.

Soobin then expressed his desire to eat chicken with all the BTS members.

2. V interacting with Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon (Left) & BTS’s V (Right)

Park Jihoon is a fanboy of BTS’s V, and he has expressed this many times on TV.

At the 2018 MGA, Park Jihoon lived a fanboy’s dream when he got to interact with V. At the show, V walked up to Park Jihoon and had a conversation with him.

Not only that, but the two also took a picture together.

V and Park Jihoon’s relationship eventually grew, to the point where they started playing games together!

3. BTS’s subtle but kind act for their junior artists


During the ending stage of M COUNTDOWN, BTS decided to stand as far back as possible. 

BTS standing at the back

Netizens speculated that BTS did this so that they didn’t take any spotlight away from the candidates for first place (IZ*ONE and MOMOLAND). 

BTS received praise for their kind act.

4. J-Hope and V showering TXT with praise

BTS & TXT | @TXT_members/Twitter

BTS’s J-Hope and V were once watching TXT’s performance, and they couldn’t help but fanboy a little.

J-Hope, BTS’s dance leader, even commented on how well TXT danced.

5. Jin taking over for an emotional Solbin

BTS’s Jin (Left) & LABOUM‘s Solbin (Right)

LABOUM’s Solbin was an MC for Music Bank for nearly two years, and she got emotional during her last segment as an MC. Solbin was so emotional that she was unable to read her script. Jin, who was also an MC at the time, decided to take over for her.


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