5 Moments In K-Pop This Year That Had Netizens Upset

Some of these had netizens both upset and angry.

2020 has been filled with many insane K-Pop moments, and some of these moments had netizens incredibly upset. Here’s a list of 5 of these moments.

1. A fan’s joke to STAYC’s J

During a recent video call fansign, a fan decided to get playful with J and surprised her by calling her “not nice”.

Fan: You know J, I think you’re not nice…
J: (Frowns) Oh…
Fan: … not nice for my heart!
J: (Laughs)

| theqoo

While the fan didn’t have any malicious intent with the joke, some netizens weren’t big fans of it, as they pointed out that J looked extremely heartbroken for a moment. These netizens also stated that there were better ways for fans to convey their love to their favorite idols.

“I don’t like those kinds of jokes that can hurt people.”

“Whether or not the idol is a baby, let’s just not do those kinds of jokes. It’s not fun.”

“Please control yourselves.”

“If you like someone, don’t hurt them.”

“Why would you hurt them”

“It was cute, her sad expression, but please don’t do these jokes. It hurts me just to see it. She seems like she was really choked up in that moment!”

— Netizens

2. Former AOA member Mina revealing that Jimin bullied her

Former AOA member Mina
Former AOA member Jimin

Former AOA member Mina recently revealed that Jimin bullied her during their time together in AOA. Jimin initially denied Mina’s claims, but Mina shared more posts detailing what Jimin did to her during her time in AOA.

Former AOA member Mina

Lots of netizens were heartbroken after Mina revealed this and decided to shower Mina with love. Not only that, but many netizens also wished that Jimin would be held responsible for her actions.

Not long after, it was announced that Jimin had left AOA and retired from the entertainment industry.

3. A netizen falsely accusing April’s Naeun of being a bully

Earlier this year, a netizen claimed that Naeun had bullied her in the past and that she wanted an apology from her for the “trauma” she caused.

Due to what I went through in elementary school, I cried and made a fuss a lot of the time. So even now, my mom grits her teeth whenever she sees Naeun on TV.

— Netizen

Naeun’s agency, DSP Media, quickly responded to this netizen’s claims and stated that they were false and that they would be taking legal action.

The rumors are false and we will be collecting all related data and take legal action.

— DSP Media

Not long after, the netizen ended up sharing an apology letter and confirmed that the allegations were false.

I’m writing this apology to take responsibility for my post on Nate Pann, shared July 22, 2020, Wednesday. Everything I said about APRIL Naeun’s history of bullying in elementary school is false. I have never been affected. I apologize to Naeun and her fans for spreading this rumor and causing trouble. I’m sorry.

— Netizen

Many netizens were both upset and frustrated by this situation, as they couldn’t believe that this netizen tried to make up such a rumor.

| theqoo

4. Netizens reacting to the hate TWICE received for their encore stages

TWICE faced some controversy in June of 2020 due to some of their encore stages of “MORE & MORE”. The members received some malicious comments about their singing skills.

Due to this, netizens left a lot of encouraging messages for TWICE in some of their more recent encore stages. These netizens praised TWICE for their efforts and stated that some of the malicious comments they received in the past were too harsh.

“Jihyo works hard even at the encore kkkkk She does well and seems to hit the notes with ease.”

“Other than the fact that their voices are too soft, it’s not to the point where people should be cursing at them to death…? They tried hard to sing and they even used falsettos so why is everyone like this…? Today is the last day of promos. Congratulations and your outfits are pretty.”

“TWICE is so pitiful.”

“The moment I saw the post’s title I sighed because I feel so bad for TWICE. Congrats on 1st place.”

“Ah I’m the one getting PSTD…stop cursing them…”

— Netizens

5. Fanatics’ live broadcast incident

During a live broadcast, four of the Fanatics members (Via, Chaelin, Doi, and Rayeon) were seen wearing short skirts without anything to cover their legs. A person was then seen giving jackets to the members so that they could cover their legs.

After this person gave the jackets, a male staff member could be heard asking why they covered the members’ legs. Not only that, but the sound of someone getting slapped was also heard.

What are you doing, covering [their legs] up? We’re trying to show them, why are you covering it? Are you stupid?

— Male staff member

Netizens were upset and angered by this incident, and some said that the staff member’s comment can be considered sexual harassment.

“What kind of man is that male staff?”

“I think if I was their parents, my heart would collapse after seeing that.”

“I feel so upset, seeing the members’ faces.”

— Netizens

Fanatics’ agency, FENT, soon released an apology for the incident.