5 Moments When K-Pop Fans Got Answers To “Mysterious” Questions

Number 3 finally got answered after 7 years!

There have been many moments in K-Pop that have left fans wondering for answers, such as when BTS‘s J-Hope asked fans, “what’s tasty in Busan?”. After this, Jungkook whispered something to J-Hope and Jimin, which caused both of them to burst with laughter. To this day, fans still don’t know what Jungkook said.

However, there have also been moments when fans got answers to some “mysterious” questions. Here’s a list of a few of these moments.

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Red Velvet’s Irene fighting over a bill

Back in 2019, Irene and Jennie were caught going on a lunch date together, and some photos showed the two “fighting” over the bill.

When the photo surfaced, fans were curious about who paid the bill, but they never got the answer. That was until recently, as Irene finally gave fans the answer they were looking for, and revealed that Jennie ended up paying.

2. BTS Jimin’s portrait

In late 2019, ARMYs got curious after they spotted a portrait of Jimin hanging in the Big Hit Entertainment building.

It would take nine months before fans got the answer to this question. It was revealed that this portrait was given to Suga as a prize for an episode of Run BTS.

The members then decided to hang the portrait at the company building.

3. EXO’s Chanyeol and Kai getting edited out of EXO’s Showtime

Back in 2013, EXO filmed their reality show called EXO’s Showtime. In one of the episodes, the members went through a haunted house. However, Chanyeol and Kai ended up being the only members whose scene was completely edited out of the episode.

Many fans assumed that it was because the two cursed too much when they went into the haunted house, but a true answer was never given. That was until Chanyeol recently discussed the matter. He shared that they ended up getting edited out because they took the wrong route.

We actually took the wrong route and even bumped into the people who were getting ready. We ended up going into random places like in between the wooden boards but we were still startled by everything.

— Chanyeol

4. BTS’s sunflowers

In 2019, the BTS members surprised fans when they appeared at an airport wearing sunflower headpieces. Fans assumed that this was some kind of punishment from Run BTS. 

Around seven months later, the episode was finally revealed, and it was confirmed that the sunflower headpieces were given to the members as a penalty for losing a game.

5. “Ghost hand” on IU’s shoulder

In 2017, a photo of IU during elementary school resurfaced when fans noticed that a mysterious hand was on her shoulder. Fans then got curious about whose hand it was.

IU eventually answered the question herself and stated that it was her older cousin’s hand.

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