BABYMONSTER: 6 Controversies That Unfairly Cast A Shadow On The Group’s Debut

None of the controversies was the group’s fault.

YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER hasn’t debuted yet, but the group has already been the victim of multiple controversies—none caused by the members themselves. Here are the details on all the controversies surrounding the group, which negatively impacted their upcoming debut.


1. Underage Members

K-Pop idols’ ages continue to be an ongoing area of concern for fans. While NewJeansHyein sparked a conversation about being too young at fourteen years old, BABYMONSTER’s youngest trainee is even younger. Thai trainee Chiquita shocked fans by revealing she was thirteen years old.

Chiquita | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

2. Bathroom Vlogging

Considering that multiple members are under eighteen years old, like Chiquita, fans recently became angry that cameras were mounted in their bathroom while vlogging. Many fans voiced concern over the girls’ privacy being invaded and whether they consented to be filmed “24/7.

Others pointed out that BABYMONSTER also placed cameras in the bathroom to vlog how they clean their stuffed animals and do their skincare routine, knowing they would be filmed beforehand.

3. Yang Hyun Suk

Although founder Yang Hyun Suk was not found guilty of the scandals surrounding him, K-netizens were angry to see him as an executive producer for BABYMONSTER. His mere appearance in the group teaser sparked a heated online discussion of his multiple controversies.

4. BLACKPINK’s Lisa Comparison

Yang Hyun Suk seemed to prove K-netizens right by angering fans with his comparison of Chiquita and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. Although Lisa even praised Chiquita for her skills, fans didn’t like that Yang Hyun Suk was trying to “market her as the next Lalisa.

I really hope in the future, she’ll be popular just like Lisa and practice global influence. That’s my personal hope.

— Yang Hyun Suk

5. Performance Video

At the start of the year, five of the BABYMONSTER members appeared in a dance practice video for Young Money‘s “Senile” that was choreographed by Lee Jung Lee. It immediately gained mixed reactions from netizens, who pointed out the outdated styling, the old choreography, and the unpolished dancing—compared to the new generation of rookie groups.

6. No Seven-Member Group

The most heartbreaking controversy was that the final group wouldn’t be all the members introduced to the public. Despite the promotional content featuring seven members, Yang Hyun Suk announced the opposite.

BABYMONSTER will never be a seven-member group. It will definitely be less than seven.

— Yang Hyun Suk

The news upset fans even more because the journey of all seven trainees has been shown through their YouTube channel, tugging on everyone’s heartstrings with their struggles.

Source: YouTube