5+ K-Pop Artists And Companies That Shaded “KAMP LA 2022”

Fans weren’t the only ones disappointed.

KAMP LA 2022 was a disappointment for many, including not only fans but also artists and their companies.

KAMP LA 2022 marketed itself as “the biggest, fully immersive K-Pop experience to ever hit the United States,” boasting an incredible lineup for its two-day concert, including GOT7‘s BamBam, iKON, Jeon Somi, EXO‘s Kai, LAPILLUS, P1Harmony, Super Junior, and Taeyeon on the first day. The lineup for the second day included aespa, Chung Ha (also known as Chungha), Epik High, MOMOLAND, MONSTA X, T1419, and Zion.T.

But it has now become a historic disappointment as it was announced less than 24 hours before the event that organizers could not obtain the proper work visas that would allow seven of the performing artists to enter the U.S. This resulted in seven of the most anticipated artists’ performances being canceled

Considering many fans traveled from out of state or internationally to see some of their favorite artist(s) only to find out they wouldn’t be performing, they were understandably upset. Yet, that was not all. The remaining artists’ short sets were given little to no extended time too. 

Additionally, fans were disappointed about the organizer’s decision to prohibit the distribution of unofficial artist merchandise as well as the underwhelming but expensive meet and greet. While fans paid $1,000 USD daily for the VIP experience, videos showed that they were hurried along a barricade as the performers stood against a makeshift backdrop several feet away from the gate. 

Artists and companies are just as disappointed about 2022 KAMP LA. So, here are all who have shaded, dissed, or called out the K-Pop festival…

1. Starship Entertainment

KAMP didn’t inform MONBEBEs (MONSTA X fans) until the day before MONSTA X was scheduled to perform. Starship Entertainment revealed that they were told they could not release their statement regarding the issues until after KAMP released theirs, and once they did, they didn’t hold back from spilling the tea.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

2. Epik High’s Tablo

Tablo hinted that he, too, had tea to spill on Twitter, and fans were hoping he would.

During Epik High’s performance on Day 2, Tablo literally called KAMP out. He commented, “What a night! In more ways than one, tonight will be historical. No matter what anyone says, these last two nights will be remembered…” 

Before playing their final song, a fan-favorite, “Born Hater,” Tablo even joked, “I’m just saying if ever there is a Netflix show or a Hulu show, I want to be in it.” He hilariously clarified that he meant “any” Netflix or Hulu show before giving a knowing look to the audience. Yet, we know he is referencing that fans have been comparing 2022 KAMP LA to the K-Pop equivalent of the infamous Fyre Festival. 

If Tablo couldn’t get any more iconic, he then posted a “mic drop” GIF on Twitter after the group’s stage.

3. SM Entertainment

Kai was one of the most anticipated headlining artists, but like many other artists, due to issues with visas, he was unable to perform. SM Entertainment released a statement regarding the matter, emphasizing that it was the organizer’s responsibility.

| @weareoneEXO/Twitter

4. GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam was one of the first artists who informed fans via social media that things were not looking good for his trip to the U.S. for 2022 KAMP LA. 

Once it was confirmed that he would be unable to perform, he apologized to fans and took to social media to comfort them.

He suggested that everyone make the most of their trip and even recommended bars.

He was just as heartbroken as the rest of us, though, and responded to journalist Jeff Benjamin. They agreed they all needed to get drinks after the recent events.

Sure enough, BamBam had a drink!

5. Super Junior

The veteran K-Pop idol group Super Junior has been praised for totally disregarding staff direction and moving closer to fans, turning the poor excuse for a meet and greet into a hi-touch event. Icons! 

6. P1Harmony

Keeho low-key dissed 2022 KAMP LA during his opening speech. He asked fans if they were having fun regardless


P1 Harmony did such a good job REGARDLESS of all the headache KAMP LA gave is. So happy to see them this close. Can’t wait for them to come back to LA again.

♬ original sound – OWNinLIFE | Your BTS Friend 💜

The group also dipped shortly after their performance and meet and greet because Keeho and Intak held a Weverse Live.

7. iKON’s Jay (also known as Jinhwan)

Jay didn’t give a f*ck about the stage limit after being given only a 5-minute extension! As he should.

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