Lee Seung Gi And Fiancé Lee Da In’s Hot Photoshoots Have Us Hoping For A Couple’s Shoot

They’re a talented, visual couple!

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In are a visual power couple!

Lee Da In | @xx__dain/Instagram

Lee Seung Gi

On February 7, Lee Seung Gi announced in a handwritten letter via Instagram that he is marrying his girlfriend of three years, actress Lee Da In. He stated, “This is the most important decision in my life,” while asking fans to support the couple’s new life together.

Hello, this is Lee Seung Gi.

It seems this year there are many reasons for me to write long letters.
Today, I would like to inform you of the most important decision in my life.

Lee Da In, the woman that I love, and I have decided to transition from lovers to ‘newlyweds.’

She accepted my proposal, and we received our blessings.
I am announcing this to you with joy in my heart from having someone to be responsible for.

She has a heart of gold, and she’s full of love. She is someone I want on my side forever.

I would like to share my happiness, and in turmoil, I would like to overcome it while holding her hand.

I hope you’ll support our future together. We’ll continue to share what we have and live happily ever after

Thank you.

— Lee Seung Gi

They are both talented actors, and the couple’s visuals are outstanding. So, we can’t help but hope for them to, if not star in a K-Drama together, at least do a couple’s photoshoot! So, here are some of both Seung Gi and Da In’s hottest photoshoots until then…

1. Lee Seung Gi — Singles Cover Pictorial

Seung Gi served tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious in this cover photoshoot for Singles.

2. Lee Da In — BNT

She showcased her duality in this photoshoot. She radiated true elegance as well as showing her sexy, cute side.


3. Lee Seung Gi  — Chung Jung Won CF

Even in an ad, Seung Gi was devilishly handsome.

4. Lee Da In — piikle

She looked perfectly sunkissed and radiant in this photoshoot!

| piikle




5. Lee Seung Gi  — Stills from Vagabond

We know it’s not technically a photoshoot, but his role in Vagabond is one of the hottest, as he showcased his muscular physique in a shower scene.




Bonus: GIF because why not…


6. Lee Da In — Swimsuit shots

Lee Da In personally shared photos of herself at the beach via Instagram, and she was effortlessly stunning!

| @xx__dain/Instagram



7. Lee Seung Gi  — Concerts

Again, it’s not exactly a photoshoot, but the photos from his concerts, featuring SISTAR‘s Bora, are sexy AF.

Bora (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right)

8. Lee Da In — Ballet

Lee Da In also shared a shot of herself doing ballet; her figure is outstanding.


9. Lee Seung Gi  — Stills from The King 2 Hearts

In 2012, he did a bathtub scene in K-Drama The King 2 Hearts, proving he’s always been hot.

10. Lee Da In — Elle

The combination of bright lipstick and bedroom eyes is flawlessly sensual.

11. Lee Seung Gi  — CeCi Magazine 

He’s the perfect mix of sweet and sexy.

| CeCi




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