The Biggest “Single’s Inferno” Controversies To Date ⁠— And The Aftermath

Here are the three biggest controversies so far.

Netflix‘s dating show Single’s Inferno achieved worldwide success for its debut season, and as the second season is currently underway, viewers once again can’t stop talking about the popular show.

Single’s Inferno 2 poster | Netflix

It’s easy to see how Single’s Inferno has become such a hot topic, with both seasons’ incredibly attractive contestants getting propelled to internet stardom for their visuals and charms.

However, even amidst the show’s popularity and sizzling romances, Single’s Inferno has faced multiple controversies. Here are three of the biggest Single’s Inferno controversies to date.

1. Song Ji A’s fake designer wear

When Song Ji A (also known as Free Zia) made her appearance on Single’s Inferno season one, everyone loved her cool attitude, effortless visuals, and excellent fashion. Although Ji A was propelled to stardom through the show, after the show was over the social media influencer got swept up in controversy around wearing fake designer pieces.

Song Ji A on Single’s Inferno | Netflix

Ultimately, Dispatch held a tell-all interview with Ji A, where the Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods verified the authenticity of her clothing and accessories.

Ji A also apologized to her fans in a handwritten letter, deleted all her old posts and videos, and took a social media hiatus to reflect on her actions.

I should have known better. It’s all my fault. When people started thinking that my items are real luxury goods, I should have stepped up and admitted they’re knock-offs. But I didn’t think too much of it and believed, ‘It’s fine as long as it looks good on me.’ I was wrong. I have no excuses.

— Song Ji A

During her social media hiatus, it was revealed that Ji A regularly volunteered at a soup kitchen.

Ji A and Kang Ye Won visit once a month and work in the kitchen. They also help hand out lunch boxes to the needy. Please keep spreading your positive influence.

—The Catholic Love And Peace House

| @catholic_lp/Instagram

When the social media influencer finally returned to first Instagram and then YouTube, she was met with immense support from fans.

Thanks to those that have supported me, I have been well. How have you been?

— Song Ji A

Although the controversy definitely changed the public’s general opinion of Ji A, the issue seems to be resolved. Ji A has continued to upload new content, even featuring a series where she gives her fans heartfelt advice.

2. Moon Se Hoon’s “creepy behavior”

During Single’s Inferno season one, viewer sentiment around Moon Se Hoon drastically shifted. At first, fans were impressed with his willingness to help take care of the contestants, as he became the main chef on the island. Se Hoon also famously “struggled” as he pined over contestant Shin Ji Yeon.

Moon Se Hoon in Single’s Inferno | Netflix

However, viewers’ opinions of Se Hoon quickly shifted when it became apparent that despite any other female contestant’s possible interest in him, he was exclusively going to pursue Ji Yeon, whether or not she wanted him to.

| Netflix

In one infamous scene from episode six of the first season, contestant An Yea Won predicted that Se Hoon would still choose Ji Yeon as his Paradise date. Although Ji Yeon believed she’d gotten her disinterest in him across…

An Yea Won and Shin Ji Yeon in Single’s Inferno | Netflix
| Netflix

Se Hoon indeed chose Ji Yeon yet again.

| Netflix

After the sixth episode aired, viewers called Se Hoon out for “creepy” and “dangerous” behavior. Some viewers even wanted him off the show, especially for his harsh treatment of Kang So Yeon, who had tried to persuade him to look elsewhere for love.

Viewers were shocked when they not only began to appreciate Se Hoon and Ji Yeon’s eventual Paradise date but especially when the two ended up leaving the island together as a couple.

Shin Ji Yeon and Moon Se Hoon | 신지연 SHIN JIYEON/YouTube

Although fans of the show have reason to suspect that the two eventually broke up, public sentiment seems to have shifted again toward Se Hoon. Most recently, he’s been mentioned in relation to season 2 contestant Kim Han Bin.

Like Se Hoon, Han Bin naturally fell into the chef role in the group and has been struggling to pursue the contestant he has his eye on. As fans are voicing their support of Han Bin while comparing him to Se Hoon, it seems like viewers have moved on from the controversy.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix
Kim Han Bin | Netflix

3. Kim Jin Young’s culturally appropriative tattoo

Although season two of the show is still underway, fan-favorite contestant Kim Jin Young is currently being called out for cultural appropriation.

From the instant Jin Young arrived on the island, he instantly stole viewers’ and the contestants’ hearts. Some fans of the show are even comparing his visuals to that of BTS‘s Jungkook.

Kim Jin Young in Single’s Inferno 2 | Netflix

But even though everyone seems drawn to Jin Young, viewers of the show are criticizing the tattoos he revealed in episode five when he went to Paradise with Shin Seul Ki.

Understandably curious about his tattoos, Seul Ki asked Jin Young what his tattoos meant.

Kim Jin Young and Shin Seul Gi in Single’s Inferno 2 | Netflix

Jin Young simply explained that “It means warrior.” Which initially, Seul Ki misheard as “angel.” Jin Young added that he wanted his tattoo to represent his background as a former ROKN UDT/SEAL, showing off the bullet details of his tattoo.

| Netflix

When the two later went swimming, his full tattoo was revealed, and one TikTok went viral for pointing out that Jin Young’s tattoo was clearly designed after tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos originate from Indigenous people groups. The popular, modernized “tribal tattoo” style originates from Polynesians, including Maori, Samoans, Tahitian, and Hawaiian traditions.

Historically, these designs were a way to express a person’s tribal heritage or ancestry. They also look amazing and have a variety of cultural significance. Regardless of where the tattoo is placed, tribal tattoos are extremely popular.

— Southwestern Rugs Depot


Honestly I felt uncomfortable seeing the tribal tattoo. He said the meaning behind his tatoo was being a “Warrior” like bffr #kimjinyoung #singlesinferno #singlesinfernonetflix #tribaltattoo #samoan #filipino #CODSquadUp

♬ But im not seeing my ppl – AUSTIMUS PRIME🔱

As these tattoos hold immense cultural significance, viewers find Jin Young’s tattoo disrespectful. They are criticizing Jin Young for cultural appropriation as he is Korean with a “tribal tattoo.”

| Netflix

Still, despite the recent controversy, viewers still seem to largely enjoy watching Jin Young on the show, curious to see who the popular contestant will end up with.

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