One “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Is Giving Us Serious Deja Vu

Is it the “curse” of Moon Se Hoon?!

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Single’s Inferno is back, and we’re already finding a lot of similarities from the past season.

After the worldwide success of Netflix‘s Korean dating show Single’s Inferno‘s debut season, it has returned for Season 2.

Like the previous season, Single’s Inferno 2 follows a group of sexy single Korean men and women looking to find love on a deserted island known as “Inferno.” If feelings are reciprocated, the “couple” escape for the night to get to know each other better in “Paradise” (a resort).

The first two episodes recently premiered, and we were introduced to the new group of singles. Of all the men introduced, one has caught viewers’ attention especially.

While many contestants have garnered attention from netizens due to their resemblance to Korean celebrities, such as CrushBae Suzy, LE SSERAFIM’s KazuhaENHYPEN’s Jake and Heeseung, it’s actor Nam Joo Hyuk‘s “lookalike” that has gone viral more than anyone not only due to his good looks but great personality.

There is no denying that contestant Kim Han Bin and Nam Joo Hyuk strike a great resemblance to each other…

| Netflix
Nam Joo Hyuk | Netflix

Still, this hot AF ball of energy reminds us of yet another Netflix star, and it’s actually another Single’s Inferno man.

| Netflix

It’s none other than Season 1’s Moon Se Hoon.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

Wait, wait, wait! We know what you are thinking. These two men look literally nothing alike. You’re right; they don’t. But we’re not talking about similarities in appearance now. Just wait and hear us out…

| Netflix
| Netflix

While Moon Se Hoon ultimately left Inferno with his love interest Shin Ji Yeon, time and time again, she had seemingly ignored his affection for the majority of the show’s run.

Shin Ji Yeon (left) and Moon Se Hoon (right) | 신지연 SHIN JIYEON/YouTube

He famously “struggled” a lot the first two days. Although he had taken good care of all the contestants, becoming the main chef on the island (he is a chef and restaurant owner in Gangnam), he was left in Inferno while most everyone left to go to Paradise.  And Moon Se Hoon low-key became a meme for it…

Almost the entirely same situation has happened yet another in Single’s Inferno 2, but this time it’s to Kim Han Bin.

| Netflix

In Episode 1, Kim Han Bin appointed himself to kitchen duty. It seemed like a great idea at the time because he was proving himself not only friendly but dependable. It even allowed him to get close to some of the girls, including the one who first caught his eye.

| Netflix

Everyone appeared impressed with him, too, from the girls to the guys to the hosts.

| Netflix

Everyone thought Han Bin would steal all women’s votes for their favorite guy that day.

| Netflix

Yet, when the time came for the men to go to their mailbox to receive their postcards from admirers…

| Netflix

Kim Han Bin received a total of 0 postcards, making him the only one to receive none.

| Netflix

Not only was Kim Han Bin clearly disappointed since he felt he had done all the right things, but the hosts were absolutely shocked.

| Netflix

But if you had watched Moon Se Hoon in Season 1… Should any of this be all that shocking? We’re already finding many parallels between Kim Han Bin and Moon Se Hoon.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Heck, even their style is similar! Are you getting deja vu too?


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The only difference? At least Moon Se Hoon received one postcard on his first day.

Moon Se Hoon’s postcard in Season 1, Episode 1 | Netflix

Still, fans of Single’s Inferno are already concerned that our guy Han Bin has gotten the “Se Hoon curse” and might suffer the same fate.

Knowing how Season 1 ended, though, as long as Kim Han Bin perseveres until the end, he will be just fine!

Read more about Kim Han Bin below.

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