The Rediscovery Of Actor Ahn Jae Hong — Netizens Give High Praise For His Acting In “Mask Girl”

He made a complete transformation into a loser.

You may know Ahn Jae Hong from his role in Fight For My Way as Kim Joo Man, the lovable best friend to Park Seo Joon’s Go Dong Man.

| Fight For My Way

You might also know him from Be Melodramatic, where he played the Son Beom Soo, Lim Jin Joo’s (played by Chun Woo Hee) boyfriend.

Chun Woo Hee and Ahn Jae Hong.

In both dramas, he was the perfect gentleman and boyfriend. Which is why fans were super shocked to see him make a total transformation for his newest role, Ju Oh Nam in Mask Girl.

Ahn Jae Hong as Ju Oh Nam. | Netflix

He played the role to perfection, nailing the tics and mannerisms of an otaku. Awkward, unable to interact with women, even displaying a high dependency on online materials to satisfy his sexual cravings. In the scene below, he forces a confession of love on the main character, Kim Mo Mi. 

Clips of his scenes in Mask Girl were quickly reposted to Twitter, gaining between 1 to 2 million views per scene. He went especially viral for the scene of him celebrating his birthday with a life-sized sex doll.

Netizens were in complete awe at his acting skills.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Ah, can you act a little worse?
  • Ahn Jae Hong… He really threw himself away to immerse himself in the role. I can’t believe that this acting was possible. I’m shocked.
  • Is Ahn Jae Hong an acting genius?
  • He’s f*cking good at such acting. I’m even sorry to just be saying that he’s good at acting because he’s so good that I don’t know how to express it. F*ck, I love him.
  • Ah f*ck, LOL.
  • Ahhhh.
  • Wow, I have to give it to him. He’s truly sincere about his acting.
  • Ah f*ck, [Mo Mi] quitting her job…
  • Whenever I watch Ahn Jae Hong’s acting, I think he’s completely whoever the character is. I always thought he was good. As expected, he went a little crazier this time.

Ahn Jae Hong plays Ju Oh Nam, an otaku who enjoys watching Mask Girl’s live streams. He later finds out that Mask Girl is his colleague, Kim Mo Mi. He becomes obsessed with her, then goes missing.

Source: Theqoo

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