Former AOA Member Mina’s Agency Releases Formal Update On Her Current Condition

They’re standing by outside her house.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

In light of former AOA member, Mina‘s claims of being bullied by her fellow member, Jimin as well as her past attempts at harming herself, Mina’s current agency, Woori Actors released a formal update on her current condition.

In a statement through Donga, Woori Actors expressed,

Regarding the current situation, since this has happened in the past, we are unable to make any formal statements about it.

– Woori Actors

But they continued that they are looking out for the actress’ well-being.

Since she’s having a difficult time personally, we’re paying sharp attention to her. We just made a call to her, and we are on standby in front of her house. She said she wanted to stay calm by herself, so we’re just waiting for her.

– Woori Actors

The agency reassured fans,

We are continuing to check up on her, so there’s no need to worry.

– Woori Actors

Ahead of this update, Mina worried fans with numerous lengthy posts that described the bullying she suffered in the hands of Jimin, attempts at harming herself, and FNC Entertainment‘s lack of regard at the time.


Mina debuted with AOA back in 2012, but following her withdrawal from the group just last year, she changed paths to becoming an actress.

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