AOA’s Yuna Leaves A Message Through Instagram For the First Time Since Mina’s Controversy

She came back to update fans.

AOA’s Yuna made a comeback to Instagram for the first time since the Mina and Jimin controversy started back in July.

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

The controversy was mainly focused around Mina and Jimin and other members of the group, like Yuna, chose to lay low throughout the whole controversy.

She left a short message on her Instagram story telling fans to dress warm and to thank them for congratulating her on her 3,000 days since debut.

The weather has gotten much colder now. Winter is coming. Please dress warm and be careful not to catch a cold. I am doing well so please don’t worry. Also, thank you for congratulating my 3,000 days since debut.

⁠— Yuna

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

On July 3, Mina revealed a series of posts proving that former AOA member Jimin bullied her for the past ten years. Ultimately, she received an apology before Jimin officially quit the group.

Most recently, Mina reassured worried fans after calling out death threats in her recent post online.

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations

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