APRIL’s Naeun Will Drop Out Of Upcoming SBS Drama “Taxi Driver” Following Bullying Controversy

She will be replaced, and the drama re-filmed.

APRIL‘s Naeun will be dropping out of the cast for upcoming SBS drama Taxi Driver following her bullying controversy.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Naeun will be dropping out of the cast of Taxi Driver due to her bullying controversy, and a search is underway for her replacement.

It was decided that Lee Naeun will drop out of SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama Taxi Driver. They plan on searching for an actress to replace her role.

— Insider

Naeun played the role of Go Eun, a skilled hacker for Rainbow Taxi Company. Notably, this role was a major shift in role archetypes, as she primarily focused on more youthful, student based roles in her previous works such as A-TEEN and Extraordinary You. However, following the revelations made by former APRIL member Hyunjoo, accusing the other members of bullying her, many of Naeun’s advertisers have dropped her as their model, and even Taxi Driver themselves did not include her in their promotional video.

SBS has since confirmed the news with their statement on the matter.

Hello, this is the production team of SBS drama Taxi Driver, Studio S.

After discussions between us and the agency, it has been decided that Lee Naeun, who was planned to have a major role in Taxi Driver, will be replaced.

We ask for your understanding that our announcement of our position was delayed due to the public opinion surrounding the current situation, and casting for her substitution.

Currently, around 60% of Taxi Driver has been filmed. A new actress will replace Lee Naeun, and all of the parts will be re-filmed.

Studio S and Taxi Driver will do our best to bring viewers a good drama.

— Studio S

No details about Naeun’s replacement have been announced yet.

Source: Ilgan Sports and Newsen

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