Netizens Speculate Whether Or Not BABYMONSTER Will Actually Debut With Seven Members

“Last Evaluation” will start airing soon.

K-Pop fans have been looking forward to the debut of YG Entertainment‘s newest girl group, BABYMONSTER.

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Netizens had been getting to know the seven announced members through a series of introduction videos showing just how talented and hard-working each trainee is.

But in the most recent video posted to BABYMONSTER’s YouTube channel, fans were shocked to learn that, according to former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, “BABYMONSTER will never be a seven-member group. It will definitely be less than seven.”

The Last Evaluation, a survival show to determine the final lineup of BABYMONSTER, will be released starting on March 10.


Netizens instantly criticized the announcement, calling the sudden survival show “outdated” and “desperate.”

And many netizens also believe that there won’t actually be an elimination given how much YG Entertainment has already highlighted each of the members. Including, giving them each an individual highlight reel on the official Instagram account.

Even the hashtags for each of the trainees’ performance videos referred to them as “members.”

Some netizens pointed out that spoilers, released before BABYMONSTER was announced, showed the group as seven.

Some netizens suspect that the Last Evaluation was already filmed and all seven trainees were kept in the lineup.

But other netizens are pointing out discrepancies in the introduction videos.

Leaving netizens to wonder if they were intentionally filmed differently.

What are your thoughts?

You can read more about netizens’ opinions here.

Netizens Criticize YG Entertainment’s Announcement Stating That BABYMONSTER Will Not Debut As A Seven-Member Group


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