BTS Jin’s Brother Has The Best Response To A Friend Asking Him If He Gave Jin Money To Use In The Military

We certainly know where Jin gets his humor from!

We know where BTS’s Jin gets his sense of humor from!


Jin entered the Korean military on Tuesday, December 13 (KST), officially beginning his 18-month military service. The BTS members accompanied him, sending their hyung off.

Our hyung! Go and come back safely! Love you!


But Jin’s hyung also sent him off…

Jin’s brother, Kim Seok Jung, (top) and Jin (bottom) | @sun_dad90/Instagram

Besides Jin’s BTS family, he is also quite close to his biological family. He and his older brother Kim Seok Jung even opened a restaurant together.

On the day of Jin’s enlistment, Kim Seok Jung uploaded a photo of a purple banner that read, “Welcome to the army, BTS Kim Seokjin and all the military trainees.” He wished Jin well with his caption.

Return safely!

— Kim Seok Jung

Amidst the many comments from ARMYs wishing Jin well, purple heart emojis, crying emojis, etc., was one from an acquaintance. Kim Seok Jung’s friend commented, asking him if he had given his younger brother any “pocket money” or if he should have given some himself so that Jin could buy from the PX (Post Exchange), a retail store on an army installation that sells goods and services to military personnel and their dependents and to certain authorized civilian personnel.” 

| @sun_dad90/Instagram

godeok_festival: Did you give him some pocket money so he can buy snacks at the PX? Should I have given him some?

sun_dad90: @godeok_festival I usually receive pocket money from him. You should just give your money to me, too.

Kim Seok Jung’s response was that he actually receives pocket money from Jin, so in short, the answer was no. That’s not all, though. He suggested to his friend that he just give the money he would have given to Jin to him instead! Jin’s hyung always has the wittiest responses relating to Jin.

Kim Seok Jung | @sun_dad90/Instagram

When BTS made their guest appearance on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, Jin took the prize money from Jo Se Ho and put it in his pocket immediately. After the episode aired, Jin shared a selfie on Weverse and revealed, “I’m saving it until I have enough money to bathe in it.”

Jin with prize money | Weverse

Kim Seok Jung posted a photo of a bathtub that had a few coins thrown in it as a response to Jin’s post. He also hilariously referred to Jin as his hyung although he is Jin’s hyung!

Hello this is Kim Bowing Man. Although I named myself, why is it the Bowing Man and not Iron Man or Batman or something. I guess this proves why people should think again before taking action. A lot of things happened today. Trivial little things became news; I guess my hyung (Jin) is pretty famous. But considering his fame, it’s quite funny as the younger brother to see him trying to take a bath with twenty 50,000 KRW bills. I’ve collected more than him so I’m off to take a bath. Thanks for enjoying the story and have a good day.

⁠— Kim Seok Jung

Well, Kim Seok Jung is certainly not wrong. We know not only is Jin doing pretty well in the money department, but he does take very good care of his hyung!

He frequently sends gifts to Kim Seok Jung’s family, including the wife and baby. Read more below.

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