Text Messages From 2022 Between FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena And ATTRAKT CEO Show The Relationship Between Him And The Group

They contradict previous claims.

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This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

It was recently announced that FIFTY FIFTY‘s Aran, Sio, and Saena have left the company. Their contracts have officially been terminated with ATTRAKT. On the other hand, Keena had previously dropped her lawsuit with the company and returned to ATTRAKT after a tearful apology.

On October 23, 2023, messages between Keena and their CEO were released. Previously, the other members had claimed to have experienced mistreatment from ATTRAKT, including severe control of their diet, impacting their health. The messages, dated 2022, show that CEO Jeon had actually provided the members with allowance to foster their friendship and happiness. Although he did mention weight loss plans for an upcoming shoot, it did not seem to be controlling.

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  • Keena: CEO, I’m Jakyung! (Keena’s real name) Have you been well? I didn’t get to see you this week. With the allowance that you gave us last week, today after practice, the members all went out to take photos and ate healthy diet food to reward ourselves for working hard. We talked and we all promised to work hard again this week. We had a healing time. We will always be together as four, relying on each other, working hard until debut. As the unnie, I will get myself together and work even harder, doing my best! Although we are always lacking, thank you for always giving us a chance, CEO! Have a good weekend! We wanted to use the allowance you gave us meaningfully so I’m contacting you like this.
  • CEO Jeon: It’s so great to see everyone having a good time. We have to begin shooting videos soon, so Jakyung, Eun-ah and Jiho, please put in a little more care so that you lose about 3kg from now. You guys gotta make a cool debut…heh.

CEO Jeon also continued to cheer on the girls with kind words. The messages showed the good relationship between him and the members rather than the sour one that the lawsuit claimed.

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  • Keena: Yes, sir! We’ll really pay attention to managing our weights! Thank you, CEO!
  • CEO Jeon: Become the best girl group in the world!
  • Keena: Today we cooked using cauliflower and broccoli.
  • Keena: Yes, sir! We’ll make sure to! Please take care of us.
  • CEO Jeon: Hello World.
  • Keena: Thank you.
  • CEO Jeon: Our dream! For those who dream and move towards their dream, fear and despair will move out of the way! Just as General Lee Sun Shin’s 12 ships did, our four strong and mighty ships will enter the battle with the other frigates and cross the Pacific Ocean. Forward and charge… Firstly, any strong enemies will all be scared! We have talent and hard work, practice and natural skill. And of course, the blessing of the skies.
  • Keena: Yes!! I’ll keep that in mind!!! Us four will move towards our dream, building up skills and hard work so that we can achieve it!

Previously, the members alleged that they were neglected and mistreated by ATTRAKT. You can read more about the allegations below.

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